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Dance Q and A - The Cost of Dancing

Dance Q and A - The Cost of Dancing 121011

This question was posted on the Dance Q and A page ...

After reading through many of the posts on the blog, it seems clear that dancing is NOT an inexpensive activity in SL. How do DQ members finance their dancing activities? Are there dancers and/or troupes that make enough $L from performances to finance their activities? Given the cost of dances, costumes, streams, movement systems, etc. - how does anyone afford to dance in SL?

I will answer this multipart question, but I hope others will also add to it.

Dancing in SL can be done very cheaply if you want. In fact, you can dance for zero Lindens if you choose. Here is how to do it.
  1. Get a free HUD - Both Animazoo and Fleursoft have offered free HUDs in the past. The HUDs have some limitations in terms of utility but both allow you to control your own dances.
  2. Get Free Dances and Animations - Several makers of MOCAP dances offer free dances to members of their group. This is an easy way to get two or three MOCAP dances per month at zero cost. There is also a list of free animations and equipment on this blog (although it needs updating).
  3. Dance in clubs using the club dance ball for individual and couples dancing.
  4. Dance on someone else's HUD.
As you might expect these options for free dancing limit your capabilities, but you can build up a small collection of nice dances over time.

I would be surprised if any dance group in SL regularly makes enough money to cover their expenses. Financing comes from their RL pockets or other SL activities. That said, some groups like to have quite a few members and for some groups only one person or a few people actually finance the group. The other group members participate but do not pay. Some groups perform shows and only one person actually creates the show and all the other group members only perform. Other groups share responsibilities and expenses. It is possible to be in a group and spend nothing.

Many DANCE QUEENS members are not in a group. I think these members just enjoy dancing in a club or at home. There is a lot of pleasure to be had dancing this way. If you look at the last DANCE QUEENS survey, you will see that some members have 30 to 50 dances. You can have a lot of fun with 30 dances. If you are on a really constricted budget, here is an idea of what dances to buy.

Dancing is SL is fun and it is addictive. Some people find that they gain more pleasure from more challenging dance environments. This why people perform burlesque or make group shows or dance in tribute groups or make plays or create videos. It extends the pleasure of dancing. It also extends the cost.


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