Friday, October 26, 2012

A and M News

A and M News 121026

Jariah Yuhara sent the following notice to the A&M Group today ...


1)  *BURNING LIFE* oh, oops, i meant  "Burn2" is here!  Come celebrate
        with the A&M MOCAP dance troupe, the Maniacs at the Burn2 sims
        Saturday night at 9:15PM.  Come early to get a good seat! l;)
2) *DANCERS WANTED* for the Burn2 and upcoming shows!  Looking for a
        little something different to do in SL?  Come join us on  stage as we
        dazzle and delight the audience. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, but
        you must be willing and able to follow instructions for a 2 hour (or less)
        period. :)  Male!  Female!  Costumes  provided, all you need to do is be
        there for one rehearsal and the show!
        First rehearsal is TONIGHT at 9:00PM for the show tomorrow night at
        9:15PM.  Send IMs to Bonnie Revnik, the A&M MOCAP Maniac's new
        Assistant Artistic Director, if interested.  Yes, the first one is short notice,
        but subsequent shows are scheduled in advance.. usually ;)
3) *NEW RELEASES*  are still coming!   Find out what and where they are... the Information Center.
4)*HOSTCRATE STREAMS* are available at A&M in the Information
        Center.  We are now an authorised HOSTCRATE affiliate.  If you need
        help with HOSTCRATE products, please click the "Need Help?" sign
        above the HOSTCRATE vendors.

5) *THE BARRE* vendors are available at the mainstore in several
        locations.  In a recent poll posted to the Dance Queens (a comprehensive
        source for all things SL dance) that though The Barre is relatively new
        on the scene, that more people were wearing it than the old standard.
        Kudos, Racheal!   See the results of the Fall survey here:

That's it for now - thank you ALL for your continued support
        and welcome new members!
~Jariah Yuhara

*Pirated Products* are the bane of the animator in SL.
        MOCAP artists work hard and spend a LOT of REAL LIFE
        MONEY up front to bring you the best and most realistic
        dances and moves that SL will allow.
        I implore you all NOT to accept that awesome full perm
        dance/animation from your friend.  And when you find these
        dances, please notecard the creators (or their in-world
        representatives) with a SLurl, LM, image, seller name..  whateve
        will let them know.  Theft in SL affects us all.   (This, of course,
        extends to textures, sculpts maps, etc...too! ^^)

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