Friday, September 7, 2012

LPBA presents Coppelia

LPBA presents Coppelia 120907

Guy Wardell of the LPBA sent us this invitation ...


The LPBA are delighted to perform a revival  of their production, Coppelia.

Coppelia Synopsis

Whilst we have tried to follow the story as closely as possible the limitations of SL preclude an exact performance as laid down by the original choreography of Marius Petipa.  With wonderful music by Delibes this ballet had its World Premiere on 25th May 1870 at the Paris Opera House.

In the RL performance a lot of the action is mime, which has proved difficult to replicate in SL. However we follow the basic plot fairly closely.

Our second limitation is the music and whilst all the music is from Coppelia the exact order and usage of the music is not totally accurate. I hope those of you that know the ballet well not be too offended by this liberal interpretation.

Act 1

The Square of a village in Eastern Europe.

Old Dr. Coppelius has spent his life developing his mystical powers, which sometimes work but more often than not don’t! His great ambition is to bring his mechanical doll Coppelia to life.

Coppelia sits on the balcony and everyone believes she is a real person, especially Franz who is quite taken by her much to the annoyance of his girl friend Swanilda.

On leaving his house in the evening Dr Coppelius drops the key to his front door and it is spotted by Swanilda who is anxious to see just what goes on inside the mysterious house. She enters!

Franz of course chooses the harder way to explore the Dr’s workshop entering the balcony by ladder.

Act 2.

Dr. Coppelius’s workshop

Swanilda enters and explores the workshop, inadvertently setting off four of the mechanical dolls.

Moving over to a curtain she opens it to see Coppelia who she realises is just a doll.
Hearing Franz enter via the balcony Swanilda hides behind the curtain and quickly changes places with Coppelia wearing her clothes. Coppelia is propped up in the corner!

Franz explores the workshop and manages to do a bit of damage on the way. Seeing the curtain he opens it to find “Coppelia” sitting in her chair. He is entranced having finally met the girl of his dreams, (little does he realise that it is of course Swanilda).

They dance until suddenly they hear the Dr. return, rushing to hide behind the curtain.

The Dr. suspicious of his open front door looks around, sees the damage to one of his dolls and repairs it. He explores further looking for the intruders.

Franz and Swanilda grab the first opportunity to make a run for it!

Act 3.

The village square, celebrating the arrival of the new church bell.

The new church bell has arrived and the village celebrates, the dances reflecting the uses to which the bell is put: the call to prayer, the call to work, the call to arms, peace. In this production the dance around the bell uses the “call to work dance” and a little cameo duet uses the “call to arms dance”.

Finally Franz and Swanilda enter and are married celebrating their union in a duet.
But all is not well as an angry Dr. Coppelius enters carrying his treasured Coppelia!

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