A&M Moves

Jariah Yuhara sent this message to her Group today ...


        "Hmm?  Did I hear that right?  A&M MOCAP has moved?!"
        Yes, yes you did!  Read on...

*   Remember all the mainland lag?!  Gone!
*   Remember all the crazy and incongruent signage?!  Improved.
*   Remember the bleed-over of one dance type into another?!  No more!
*   Remember how compact everything was?!   A thing of the past!

We've listened to your suggestions, requests, comments and
    complaints over time and have worked diligently to bring you a
    new and improved mainstore experience!

Re-designed in a large, open-style layout, the new mainstore still has
    the same awesome dances that you've come to expect from our
    experienced  team of animators, however they are now grouped by
    style in separate, open bays to help you find what you need and
    get you dancing like a pro faster!

Our staff has worked hard to group and color-code by male(blue),
    female(pink), and unisex(purple) so that you can walk away satisfied
    without having to wander aimlessly for hours searching for that
    'perfect' dance.

The most significant change is that the sim, Mocap Dancer, is OURS!
    We are no longer located on Linden Lab's mainland continent subject
    to the garbage scripts of surrounding areas.  You will enjoy a much-
    improved shopping experience in the new store, while enjoying the
    same quality animations and customer service you have grown to
    love from us.

 Changes aside, we are still the same  A&M MOCAP Animation
    Workshop that you have come to know and trust.

}}} Remember... {{{
║ At A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop we strive to bring you the
║ best animations that the SecondLife engine will allow.
║ Our Animators have over 15 years experience in this relatively
║ new field, and as such, we are fortunate to have them.  We use
║ professional grade VICON equipment.  We have several affiliate
║ locations around the grid.
║ We are not, however, professional filmmakers.  :-D  Please have a
║ look at this montage of ACTUAL footage from a selection of
║ authentic motion capture film sessions.
║ YOU are our first priority at A&M.  We provide prompt, courteous,
║ and personal service before, during, and after a sale with our
║ dedicated Assistants on the floor to make sure you leave with
║ exactly what you were looking for.
║ Over 300 Singles, Couples, Cage Dances, Pole Dances, Chair
║ Dances - we have them all.
║ Join the system group for products, updates, current sales news,
║ and to enjoy group gifts.
║ A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop - Providing quality Motion
║ Caption animations throughout the metaverse.



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