Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New MOCAP Dance Maker: DaBeats

New MOCAP Dance Maker: DaBeats 120808

SexyS Quintessa IMd me to take a look at a new dance maker she found. I took the LM SexyS sent me and landed at DaBeats. I expected it to be another dance maker to add to the long list of non-MOCAP dance makers. SexyS had told me not to get too excited.

Well, I was surprised to find that the dances look original and the movement, though sometimes weird, looks smooth like MOCAP. And there are a lot of dances. I didn't see anything that looked like it was copied from another MOCAP-makers anims. WOW! A new MOCAP dance maker ... but ... SexyS, as usual, was right. The looping is the worst I have seen in a MOCAP dance.

So, I sent the owner, steveEkatos, a note card with some suggestions for improvement.


Hi steve,

One of the members of DANCE QUEENS found your store and invited me to take a look. You have a lot of dances and they look original and look like they are made with MOCAP equipment. Congratulations. It is always nice to see another seller of new MOCAP dances.

BUT, and this is a big BUT, the looping on the dances is unacceptable by today's standards. There should be no or almost no jumping when a dance loops. Take a look at the dances from any other MOCAP dance maker ( and you will see this is not a problem.

Also the vendors you are using should stop the avatar from dancing when she/he hops off.

Finally, put the dance loop time in the Properties Description, so dancers who make dance sequences can use them more easily.

I will be glad to discuss these things with you.

Nottoo Wise


After that I looked a bit deeper into the Group that owns the store. It is called Dance ANimations ! So I joined the group as member 12 (hahaha).  In the Group's description is the following:

"Akeyo dance animations best in second life since 2006! Club dance packs to try ao overrider walk mocap motion technology.
dance hud by Dance Animations!
Copy and past this link into local to get to akeyo store"

 So, I sent an IM to Artoo, owner of AKEYO, asking him if it was his store.

I love that we have a new MOCAP dance maker and I hope that this maker can straighten out the problmes with the dances. It's tough to compete as a new MOCAP dance maker.

Finally, thanks SexyS.



  1. Wow, that was a harsh note you sent him. Calling his dances unacceptable and commanding him to put the dance times is really rude. Suggest, don't demand and insult.

  2. After I sent the note to steve, he and I had a long IM. He is very interested in improving his dances and says he has over 1500 dances to bring to SL. He understands the comments I made. He is open to suggestions for improvement from other DANCE QUEENS members.

    Thanks for the note from Anonymous about the harshness of the note I sent to steve. One of the challenges in SL is dealing with different cultures and how interactions are perceived. In my culture I was very polite and all of what I sent was as a suggestion only to help him improve his dances. In other cultures I can understand that my note is seen as rude. I am sure there will be more of this, but I hope that DANCE QUEENS members know that my heart is right in terms of trying to improve dancing in an impartial way.