Sunday, August 5, 2012

Henmations Dance Control V3.8

Henmations Dance Control V3.8 120805

Hendrik Schroeder sent the following announcement to the Henmations group today. I have purchased one of the new Dance Controllers and will upgrade it. Hendrik says it allows sequencing of couples dancing and movement of the couple around the dance floor. If it does all that and at least matches the TIS Hybrid system in other ways, this will be the Couples Dance System to get for clubs and home. I'll check it out and give a report soon.



Getting better... getting faster... with increased power and flexibility.
Based on the feedback we got from our User Community we pushed this Update that improves the functionality massively and makes DC a even more professional Dance Device, without to complicate its Setup Process.


New Features:

- Timer for Sequences supports 5 digits setups like 28.099 now
- Wearable Device: a chimera like danceball that allows your friends to invite themselve for a dance by clicking it
- Multiple HUD Attachment Points: Top-Left, Top-Right, Botton-Left, Bottom-Right
- Automatic Dancepack loader:  Loads Henmations Dancepacks automaticly to your HUD
- New unisex Default Dance Animation

- Amount of Scripts has been reduced massivly, less lag & faster loading
- Tuned HTTP Transfer of Animations to the Web-Config, no more Problems witch huge amounts of Dances
- Optimized pre-loading Process for smoother play of Sequences
- Several Web-Config Improvements, like smarter Drag&Drop and ability to remove and re-add Animations to exisiting Playlists
- Update Notices & News are shown on the Web-Interface

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