Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dance Events

Dance Events 120829

Today I am removing the DANCE QUEENS Calendar from the blog. The calendar has not been a successful way to identify dance events. The Calendar requires that a dance group interested in being on the calendar have an online calendar and link that calendar to the DANCE QUEENS calendar. This turned out to be too hard to accomplish. So ... out the door goes the calendar.

BUT ...

I still want to have a way for dance groups or individuals to let people know about dance events. So, I am ready to try another approach.

If you click here, you get a form. The form asks some basic questions about your event. Just fill in the form and click SUBMIT and your information is added to the list of events seen here. About once a week volunteers and I will clean up the list so that past date entries are eliminated.

Of course, you can still send me your announcements of shows for the blog if you want and I will post them. Please include a write up, slurl and any pictures.

If you want to volunteer to help with the weekly clean-up, let me know. I expect it to take about 10 minutes per week.


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