Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dance Costume Sources

Dance Costume Sources 120813

Recently Psyche Lunasea has been showing a lot of burlesque costumes on her blog. I use the Google translate feature so I can understand what she is saying. After looking at all the work Psyche had done to identify burlesque costumes I thought it might be helpful for DANCE QUEENS members to see her listing of LMs, so I IMd Psyche. After talking with Psyche, she volunteered to send all the costume LMs that she has. She divided them into groups. Here is what she sent:

Here are some flats that I got free for visiting the Purple Moon store.


Here I am thinking about a Gizza Creations dress (in red of course). Not my style.


Here I am at Grollwerk checking out the Noble Rogue. Hmmm, I like black but I like things sexier.


Some of the places Psyche suggested have clothing for men too, like this beach costume from Champagne I thought about for Riddle.


Hmmm, these dresses at Artilleri look like my old grandma's outfits. She was a wild one in her time, hahahaha.


Well, this dress from MdC-Vanilla Pleasures i couldn't resist.


Some stores, like MAKTUB, also sell male costumes.


Here are some stockings I bought at Sheer.

Happy costume hunting and thank you, Psyche.

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