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Converting to the Barre from the Huddles - 4

Converting to the Barre from the Huddles - 4 (120825)

This is the final post about converting from the Huddles HUD to the Barre HUD. Please read posts 1, 2 and 3 first. This post picks up with all of the notecards made and the practice HUD tested.

Now, I am ready to do the conversion from the Huddles HUD to the Barre HUD. This involves transferring all of my Huddles HUD dances to the Barre. Since I have tested everything I know to do, I decided to start with a fresh copy of the Barre. So, back I went to the Barre store and got the most up-to-date Barre (3.04). I unpacked it and rezzed it. Here is the sequence of what I did to make the transfer from the Huddles:


1. I opened the Barre Toolbox and got two database slot scripts (!RR Database Slot 05 and !RR Database Slot 06) so I could have six notecards accessible in the Barre. I put these in the Barre.

2. I opened the Barre toolbox and got twelve extra dance slot scripts (!RR SLOT 09 through !RR SLOT 20) and put them in the Barre. The default number of dancers in the Barre is eight and sometimes I lead a larger group so this allows me to lead a group of 20 dancers. It's important to minimize scripts since they add to lag, so for me I accept a bit more lag to be able to lead a group of 20. You need to decide how many dancers you may lead and put only that number of scripts in your HUD.

3. I put copies of all my Barre notecards in the Barre HUD. I mentioned in an earlier post that I keep a copy in inventory of each notecard in my Barre and copy and paste from the inventory version to the HUD version. When doing this you have two notecards open on your screen. To help me be certain that I can distinguish the two I have put either Inventory or HUD in the Description Line.
Picture 01
I also went through the process of loading the notecards in my Barre HUD.


1. Inside the Barre folder is an object called !RR Animation Transfer Scripts 1.1 BOXED. I rezzed this and followed the instructions to get a folder in my inventory called the same thing. Inside the folder are two scripts and a picture for how to transfer dances from the Huddles to the Barre.

Picture 02
The transfer script handles only copy animations. Next, I put my Huddles HUD on the ground next to the Barre HUD and put the Sender script in my Huddles and the Receiver script in my Barre. I have copies in my inventory of all the copy dances in my Huddles, so a direct transfer makes sense for me. If you don't have copies in inventory of all your Huddles copy dances, this is an opportunity to do so. Instead of a direct transfer from the Huddles to the Barre, transfer to a box instead, then transfer from the box to the Barre. When you are done with this two-step transfer, you will have a box of all your copy dances for your inventory.

As soon as I put the scripts in both HUDs I got a blue note:

Picture 03

I chose 'Copy Dances' and the transfer started. Immediately I got an orange error note in chat followed by a listing of dances that were being transferred at the rate of about 1 dance per second.

Picture 04

I opened my rezzed Barre HUD and confirmed that dances were being transferred. So next I just sat back and did other things while the automated transfer took place. I figured I had about 1700 copy anims in my Huddles so I had about 30 minutes to wait. You can follow the transfer alphabetically in chat, so that helps you know where you are. When the transfer was complete I checked the Barre HUD and had 3033 copy dances in the HUD. Woooo Hooo I have transferred the copy dances successfully and had a lot more copy dances than I realized.

I edited the rezzed Barre HUD and removed the Receiver script and similarly I removed the Sender script from the Huddles HUD. At this point I had a working Barre HUD with only copy dances and scripts in it, so I made a copy and relabeled it, Barre - Copy Dances. If I ever lost my Barre with copy and no copy dances at least I would have a starting point to begin again.

2. Next, I had to transfer the no copy dances from my Huddles to the Barre. The transfer scripts that Racheal Young, the Barre creator, provides are for copy dances only. She rightfully is concerned that an automated transfer of no copy dances could lead to loss of no copy dances during the transfer if there is a problem. WOW! I estimated about 2200 no copy dances in my Huddles and figured if I did the transfer from the Huddles to inventory by hand then from inventory to the Barre by hand it would take me about six hours of monotonous work and probably give me carpal tunnel problems.

I IMd Rach and asked her if she had transfer scripts that would work with no copy dances. She said yes, but it had not been successfully tested. She agreed to let me try it when I said I would run a test first to verify that it works, then use it and promise not to give it to anyone else. So, here I was faced with a BIG decision. Do I spend six hours of horrible work transferring by hand or do I try the transfer scripts and risk losing dances? For 2200 dances that's about 2200 USD.

I decided to test the copy dance transfer script. I took both the Huddles and the Barre HUDs back into my inventory so they would not interfere with the test. Then, I rezzed two boxes, B (Blue) and R (Red). I went to my inventory of lousy freebie dances and found Yatta! I then made twenty copies of Yatta! (Yatta! 1, Yatta! 2, etc.) and sent them to Riddle. Riddle made them all no copy and sent them back to me. So now I had 20 no copy dances that I could use in a test. In box B (Blue) I put the 20 test, no-copy dances. I put the Sender script in box B.

Picture 05
As soon as I put the Receiver script in box R I got the following blue notice:

Picture 06
I clicked Risk Mode and then Yes to one more warning note and the transfer began. It worked on the test.

So, I was ready for the transfer of the no-copy dances from the Huddles to the Barre. Before I started I listed all the DANCES in Huddles. Then, I put the new Sender script in the Huddles and rezzed the Barre. I added the Receiver script to the Barre, clicked through the two blue menus, and the transfer of the no-copy dances began.

Picture 07
After about 35 minutes the transfer finished and 2142 no-copy animations had been transferred to the Barre. I checked the total anims in the Barre and found 5175 anims. I edited the Huddles HUD and chose Take Copy and a copy was placed in my inventory. All of the no copy dances were successfully transferred to my Barre HUD. WOOOO HOOOO.

Many thanks to Rachael for the hard work and support.

Now here I am with my completely loaded Barre HUD in my upper left spot on my screen. I am ready for powerful dance action.

If I can do this switch from the Huddles to the Barre, you can too.

I loved my Huddles, but now it will sit in my inventory. I have a new love ... the Barre.


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