Thursday, August 30, 2012

Barre Bugs & Suggestions Webpage

Barre Bugs & Suggestions Webpage 120830

Rachael Young sent this to the Barre Group today ...


Bugs & Suggestions Webpage
Wed, Aug 29 2012 7:52:53 PM PDT

I added a Bug Report section to the Barre support website. You may also leave suggestions there too. Please feel free to add to the list. It will help me make the Barre experience better for everyone.


My opinion is that adding a webpage for bugs and suggestions is a good idea. The upside is that real problems will be posted allowing for improvement or redesign of the products. Customers and potential customers also will see what others say. Yes, there is a downside. Ranting by unhappy customers, non-topic comments and possibly inaccurate information planted by competitors will occur, but I think most people can see through this. I would love to see this type of approach on all dance maker and dance equipment maker websites.

On the DANCE QUEENS blog there is a section on each blog post for comments. The comments are visible to all to see. I monitor the comments. In a very few occasions I have removed comments that have nothing to do with SL dancing. I have left all other comments including those that I didn't agree with or were very unflattering to me or to DANCE QUEENS because the comments did involve dancing and reflected at least one person's view. I have also learned from the comments and have tried to improve DANCE QUEENS based on some of the comments.


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