Thursday, August 16, 2012

Avatar Script Level Control on One Sim

Avatar Script Level Control on One Sim 120816

Tiviyah IMd me today about a way to control Avatar Script levels for the audience but still allow dancers to have as many scripts as they want and all be on the same sim. Here it is ...


[13:40] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah) peeks into her box and knocks gently, hoping she's not interrupting anything.
[13:40] Nottoo Wise: hi tiviyah xxx
[13:42] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah): Hihi!
[13:42] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah): I was speaking with someone about a product I found, and it was recommended I let you know as well... to perhaps do something on it for the Dance Queens blog?
[13:42] Nottoo Wise: sure
[13:42] Nottoo Wise: what is it
[13:43] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah): Well a lot of people know Thomas Conover's land security orb.  A lot of people use it already.
[13:43] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah): But I sat down and had a chat with him recently, and he told be about a feature that I don't know if many have thought of to use, dance wise.
[13:43] Nottoo Wise: i dont know it but i know a lot of security systems r used
[13:44] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah): The 'white list' is not just an access list.  It's an exception to any limitation set.
[13:44] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah): So say you're holding a dance event.
[13:44] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah): We all know it's lag hell.
[13:44] Nottoo Wise: yes it can be
[13:45] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah): You can put yourself, any necessary people (judges, sponsors, etc), and then the dancers on the white list so that they are exceptions to the rule... and then set the orb to boot people who are wearing over 100 scripts.  It will tp them home, but the dancers will still be allowed to wear as many as is necessary.
[13:45] Nottoo Wise: thats a good idea
[13:45] Nottoo Wise: all automatic?
[13:45] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah): I've been looking for something to do this for awhile... because I deal with competitions that fuse Gorean and modern dance together... so I get a lot of Goreans who refuse to remove their weapons, etc.
[13:46] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah): As long as the orb is set right, it will do it automatically, yes.  You have to set a script limit, and a scan area... and you can set it to either ban residents or just tp them home.  And then you'd have to set the white list.  But otherwise, it will boot people on its own.
[13:46] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah): Of course.  :-)
[13:46] Nottoo Wise: may i put our conversation on the blog so people can read about it for themselves
[13:46] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah): Feel free to correct my typos too.
[13:46] яα'α şнεηzнøυ (tiviyah): Haha.
[13:46] Nottoo Wise: ty :-)
[13:47] Nottoo Wise: hahaha


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