Friday, August 17, 2012

A&M Notices

A&M Notices 120818

Jariah Yuhara sent the following notice to the A&M Group today ...



1) *THE BARRE* Dance HUD v3.02 is OUT!!  "The Evolution has begun!"
        A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop is most pleased to announce
        that we are endorsing The Barre!  There is SO much to say about this
        HUD that I am including a notecard or two to help you learn a bit more
        about it!
        If you are ready to give it a try now, then come by and pick yours up!
        The Barre vendor is located at the Information Center just to the left
        of the Event board and things.  Can't miss it!!
        Still need a little more encouragement?
        The first TEN A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop (SL Group)members
                who drop by the Info Center and buy The Barre AFTER 10PM will
                receive a 25% rebate!   Yep, 25% right back in your pocket!
                "25% of what?"  Well you just have to take 2 minutes to come by
                and see!!

        1) Visit A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop
        2) Buy The Barre Dance HUD System from the vendor at the Info Center.
        3) Send me, Jariah, a notecard with the COMPLETE transaction history
                from the SL website.  Title it "A&M - Barre Rebate - YourNameHere"
        The notecard must be retutrned to me within 2 hours of purchase.  I will
                be checking the time on the transaction history, NOT the notecard,
                but I want to get those rebates out to you as quickly as possible
                without me having to stay up all night in order to do it.  :)
                        (Purchases made before 10PM will be disregarded)                      
2) *BARRE DEMONSTRATION* to be held This Sunday, 19/AUG/12!
        Racheal Young, the developer of The Barre Dance HUD System will be
        on-site to talk about the Barre's features, give a demonstration and
        answer any questions that you might have.  That's THIS Sunday at  1PM                          
3) *NOW HIRING* Sales Associates and Assistants.  
4) *L$60 WEEKEND* is alive and well at A&M!  Come grab one of our dances
        (in no copy) for only L$60!!  Grab one for yourself and a friend or two, at
        this price you cannot go wrong!  It's one for the GUYS and girls.!  Check
        out the full list of sales items from merchants around the grid!

5) *FMX ATM* is at the info center for your convenience.  Get great  Linden
        exchange rates!  Read more: :)
6) *MAJOR NEWS* is coming soon!  Watch this space.....  ;)

║   PIRATED ANIMATIONS are the bane of the animator in SL.  MOCAP artists
║   work hard and spend a LOT of REAL LIFE MONEY up front to bring you the
║   best and most realistic dances and moves that SL will allow.
║   I implore you all NOT to accept that awesome full perm dance or
║   animation from your friend.  And when you /do/ find these stolen dances,
║   that you please notecard the creators (or their in-world representatives)
║   with a SLurl, LM, image, seller name..  whatever you can to help them
║   locate and stop the pirates - arrgh.  Theft in SL affects us all.   (This, of
║   course, extends to textures, sculpt maps and other build content, too!
║   "full perm" does NOT mean free to hand out to everyone in the sandbox)

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