Wednesday, August 8, 2012


3FX - WHERE ARE YOU?? 120808

Susie Chaffe and I had this short conversation today ...

[04:09] Susie Chaffe: 3FX has been unreachable for the last 24 hours...there is nothing in group notices so I have sent a message to Wild Moo...don't really expect a reply anytime soon
[04:10] Nottoo Wise: hi susie xxx
[04:10] Nottoo Wise: let me try too
[04:11] Nottoo Wise: same problem
[04:11] Nottoo Wise: i hope they have not folded
[04:12] Nottoo Wise: the sim is Moonland and if u look on the world map u can still see it
[04:12] Susie Chaffe: mmm.....I thought it might be something to do with yesterdays server roll...but not today.....I was after a couple of dances so I  really hope its not another casualty
[04:13] Nottoo Wise: maybe he closed it to renovate
[04:13] Nottoo Wise: he hasnt answered an IM in over a year
[04:13] Susie Chaffe: yes I took a peek.....I hoped there might be an adjacent sim


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