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Dance Festival V


Festival Dates

Festival Dates

July 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29



Information for Audience Members

I am trying to set up the Festival so the performers can perform as well as they can with minimum lag. I also want the audience to have an enjoyable time. One of the major problems with a large festival is dance lag, which occurs when dancers are unable to perform their dances when they want to. Dance lag is caused by many things and we are doing a lot to minimize the impact of lag:

  • Most performances will be done with a split system, the performers on one sim (stage sim) and the audience on another sim (audience sim).
  • Audience size will be limited to 40 avatars on the audience sim.
  • Audience members will not be allowed on the stage sim.
  • Audience members will be asked to keep scripts at 100 or fewer. Performers can have unlimited scripts when performing,
  • Audience members will be asked to be at the parcel of the show that is running or go to another sim to free audience space for someone else.
At last year's Festival (IV) we averaged about 60 people per show. Limiting the audience size to 40 means that there are likely to be more people wanting to attend a show than space available. Each performing group has the option to perform the same show three times. If you have already seen a show, please make room for someone else to see it.

If you are wanting to see a particular performance and the audience sim has reached 40 avatars, you can monitor the number of people on the audience sim using your world map and TP in when the number falls below 40. I will make exceptions to the 40 maximum people on the audience sim for those people who must set-up for a performance.

There will be an avatar script monitor located at the Festival landing point. If we experience lag on the audience or stage sim, I will ask any avatar, who is not performing and has above 100 scripts, to remove scripted items until his/her script count is 100 or below. If an audience member is unwilling or unable to do so after a reasonable time, I will eject the audience member. This approach is to reduce lag for the performers and still allow the use of a HUD and other scripted items by the audience members. If you want to see your script count, I have set up an avatar script monitor at Dance Central.


Information for Performing Groups


The current schedule is here. The schedule includes the performance time, audience and stage location, times when you can set up your stage and audience areas, times when you can remove your audience and stage areas, and the stream information.

Performance Length

Each show is limited to 45 minutes. You can use less time if you choose, but not more. A total of 96 time slots are available and the times are set to allow dance groups from all over the RL world to participate (and to let me sleep a little). Since the audience size is limited to 40, dance groups can sign up for 1 to 3 different times slots, so all of their fans can see them perform. This means you can repeat your show up to two times.


If you want to perform in the Dance Festival, you must register. Registration is done by sending the following information to Psyche Lunasea by notecard (no IMs please):


One dance group will perform at a time. When one dance group finishes its performance on a stage, the next scheduled group will begin a on a different stage at their scheduled time. Open times on the schedule will be left open.

If you have more than one show, you can register each show up to three times.

In past Festivals we have had a wide variety of dance groups including theater style, ballet, sensual, all male, ethnic, Gorean, hip-hop, etc.. It is a lot of fun to see how others dance and innovate. This festival will be wide open and potentially there is a wide range of dance styles that may be seen. The sims are mature sims and dance performances can be modest to sensual. They are not adult sims.

Location, Set-up and Streaming

Two side-by-side (adjoining) sims have been rented for the show dates. The LM of the sims will not be available until the Thursday prior to the Festival. I will put platforms every 100 m in altitude and number them 100, 200, etc. The first show will be on 1200 A, the second on 1200 B, and the last on 100 D. The schedule shows the location for each show.
We have two different formats for the show. When you look at the schedule, you can see most of the dates and times have a white background and some have a green background.

If you have scheduled your show during a time with a white background, you will have adjoining parcels on two different sims.

The parcel on the north sim (in green on the drawing) will be for the stage and the parcel on the south sim (in blue on the drawing) will be for the audience. You will have a stage-audience border of 63 meters and a depth of 64 meters on both the audience and stage parcel and a height of 99 meters on both. You will have 600 prims on the stage parcel and another 600 prims on the audience side. Your stage will face south. You can choose to put your stage on the audience sim if you want, for example for shows with the performers and audience mixed, but you will still be limited to 40 avatars total on the south sim. You are responsible for putting what you want in both the stage and audience areas.

For the dates and times on the schedule with a green background, we will set up a stage area on the south sim with the audience also on the south sim. With this approach your set needs to fit into the stage area. The audience area will already be fixed so you don't need to worry about that. The total number of avatars on the sim will still be limited to 40.

I have set up a space as an example on my sim (Not2z) so you can see the amount of space you have to work with. Here are the example spaces: stage parcel and audience parcel for use on 20, 21, 22, 28 and 29 July, and the single stage approach that will be used on 27 July. If you are using the single stage on 27 July, your set just needs to fit inside the stage area in the example.

Part of the effort to reduce lag is to minimize the number of prims that are on each sim. Also I am restricting rezzing when performances are occurring except to the group that is performing. While the festival is operating, you will need to set up your stage and audience areas during the 15-minute break periods after every 4 shows. You can set up your stages and audience areas during the breaks up to 6 1/2 hours before your show. This is all aimed at reducing lag. No rezzing during the shows (except if performing).
The schedule now includes the times that each group can rezz their stage and audience builds. If you need assistance with rezzing, contact Zed Karas, I strongly recommend that you verify that you can rezz your stage and audience builds within the allotted time.

Please see my blog post on using copyrighted music. The streams will be purchased well before the festival and assigned to you based on the parcel number where you will be performing. The stream details will be available on Wednesday, 18 July. Riddlebox Ribble will be available to help you with streaming issues. I strongly recommend that you test the stream assigned to you prior to the festival. You will not be allowed to use your own stream so we can minimize the work needed to manage this aspect of the festival. The streams will be for 100 persons.


I strongly recommend that your dancers/performers be in place at least 15 minutes prior to your show. To keep the stage sim as lag free as possible, please do not assemble your dancers/performers on the stage sim more than 45 minutes prior to your show. An exception to this is for people who are setting up stages and audience areas during the breaks prior to your show.

Dancers/performers have NO RESTRICTIONS on what they wear or the number of prims that they use. I have done all that I know of to eliminate dance lag so you can run your show as you wish.

Once your show is done, please TP from the stage sim so that the next performing group has the best conditions possible.

Some dance groups use emoting during their shows. Please, ask your dancers/performers not to shout while waiting when other groups are performing.


During the Festival

During the Festival I will use the blue notes that are available to the sim owner for communication. Each show will be announced with a blue note five minutes prior to the start of the show. We will keep to the schedule unless a major problem occurs (sim restart, SL problem, major griefer attack). If there are changes I will announce them using the blue notes. There will be no blue notes on the stage sim.

Help During the Festival

Volunteers will be on the audience sim during the Festival to monitor lag. If/when lag occurs I will implement the plan to reduce audience member scripts to 100 maximum each. During the Festival I (Nottoo Wise) will be on the audience sim. My RL best friend is loaning me her avatar (Nottooo Wise - three o) and I will place Nottooo Wise on the stage sim. You can ask either Nottoo Wise or Nottooo Wise for help at any time.

Prior to the Festival

Arabella Luminos is inviting the media, dance makers and dance equipment makers to the Festival. You do not have to do anything for this to happen. If you are contacted for an interview, please say whatever you wish.

Unfortunately, I unexpectedly have to be in RL 28 June until 18 July with very limited or no access to SL or email. The honorarium will be paid on Wednesday, 18 July.


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