Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dance Festival V Opens

Dance Festival V Opens 120721

Yes, to throngs of excited fans the DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival V opened yesterday (Friday). The first day featured two shows, one by Blue Moon Cabaret and one by Shadows Silhouette Dancers. Both shows were filled to capacity and went off with only minor hitches. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Today (Saturday) we have ten shows lined up for you. Here is the schedule. There is a lot of variety today, so get there early.

Since we had very few problems with lag I am increasing the capacity of the audience side to 50. I used the script monitor during the shows yesterday by placing it under the audience platform at each show. Thank you to so many people in the audience who came with low script counts. There were a few with high scripts and today, if there is lag, I will ask those few people to reduce scripts. You can check your script level when you arrive at the Festival Landing Point.

I also am loosening the rezzing times for shows. If you have a show today, you can rezz it and leave it rezzed any time before the Festival begins, during breaks or during open times. I will watch for lag problems and hopefully will continue this tomorrow. Please do not rezz your stage and audience sets while other groups are performing.

We have had some problems with streaming so be sure to check your stream system. At least one group today will have to use an alternate stream. I have a representative from Neostreams available if we have more problems.

I have been so busy that I haven't taken any pics or video. If you have some of the Festival, send them to me and I will put them in the blog. I did take one of Riddle and me trying to look cool at the landing point. It looks like a Noob shot, but here it is ...

See you there :-)


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