Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dance Festival V - Day 2

Dance Festival V - Day 2 120721

What a lot of fun we had today! And the variety of dancing was great. I saw Leko Littlebird and Pia Klaar at the shows so I suspect we will have some photos and videos to see soon.

The problems we had today were pretty small ... a crashed dancer, a misplaced stream url, a scheduling mix-up. The great thing is that lag was not a problem for any group. If you look at the schedule in column H you will see I added the maximum number of people on the two sims for each show. Most were on the audience sim. WOW ... lag is being beaten.

When I looked at the script monitor (like the pic below) during each show, the number rarely dropped below 98% healthy. This is without asking those big script using people to reduce their scripts.

I also talked to each dance group after their show and confirmed that lag was not a problem. YAY!!!

Tomorrow (Sunday) I will increase the maximum number of allowed avatars on the audience sim to 60.

Also, all groups performing Sunday can install their stages and audience areas any time other than when a performance is being given.

I have learned a lot more from this show about running a major dance festival. I already had experience from previous festivals, but this one added a lot to my know-how. After the festival is over I will do a complete write up of how to manage a large festival. This is a little beyond dancing, but I feel like we are growing and some of you may be running your own major dance events with multiple groups performing.

There are also a huge number of people to thank for the success of the Festival. When its done I will try to identify them all.

Lots of dancing coming up, so I am off to bed.


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  1. Good work Nottoo..your work and efforts are paying off. p.s. change your shoes!