Monday, July 23, 2012

Dance Festival - Day 3

Dance Festival - Day 3 (120723)

What a nice day for dancing. Day three featured one of the very best aspects of the Dance Festival ... diversity. Where else could you go from a dance particle show to couples dancing through burlesque and show dancing to Geisha dancing to Gorean dancing and finish with religious based dancing without leaving your chair.

Dancing is at the heart of what we all do and it is a real pleasure to see the expression of dancing in so many ways. I also liked seeing a ballet performer watching Gorean and a burlesque performer checking out the particle dance show. Seeing what others do and sharing what we do is so refreshing. We learn from each other and develop respect for what others do with dancing. Of course, we are not in an ideal world, but still I have a really positive feeling about it.

Prior to the Festival I had gotten a little down about dancing and SL. I had been away from SL for a month dealing with an exexpected twist in RL and got back just a few days before the festival began. I think many of you have experienced a return to SL after an absence of a few weeks or more. It initially feels foreign and strange. It makes you think about why you spend so much time in SL when RL is there in front of you.

The Festival has rejuvenated me. I am so excited about next week-end when we have a lot more dancing to watch.

The same sims will be available sometime on Thursday. When they are available, I will do a house cleaning to remove left over objects from the first week-end, then I will verify the streams. The same ones will be used. Once the sims are ready, all of the groups performing Saturday can set up their audience and stage areas. Friday has no shows scheduled so I am declaring this an experiment/impromptu day. If you want to have any kind of show on Friday (until midnight), you can do so. If you want to run experiments learning more about the two sim system, you can do so. The restrictions on Friday are everything is on a first-come, first-served basis AND you have to do it on the 1100 or 1200 level.

The setting will be at 60 avatars max on both the audience and stage sims for Saturday's performances.


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