Monday, June 11, 2012

Policies, Policies ... more Policies

Policies, Policies ... more Policies 120611

I was talking today with a DANCE QUEENS member about what is acceptable subject matter for this blog and the group IM. The specific issue had to do with a posting of a dance contest (Gorean) that restricted who could enter and possibly who could attend. The point raised was that a dance contest or event that is restrictive belongs in a narrower forum than DANCE QUEENS.

WOW! Another decision about communication.

DANCE QUEENS is all about dancing. I have taken the view that anything related to dancing is appropriate material for the group. There are many special interest groups in DANCE QUEENS. These groups differentiate themselves in many ways, for example:
  • STYLE - latin, ballet, burlesque
  • GENDER - male strippers, female strippers
  • LANGUAGE - spanish, japanese, english
  • USE - clubs, shows, plays, couples
  • SL INTEREST - gorean, furry, mer
So, I started thinking down the path of limiting dance communication that is oriented to one or a few dance interest groups. I had a hard time deciding where to draw the line on what is allowed and what isn't. I think almost everything in DANCE QUEENS has appeal to only a part of the group. It is different parts for different people. Members pick and choose what they want from the DANCE QUEENS group.

My conclusion? Where I have come out is exactly where I was. Any dance communication is acceptable in DANCE QUEENS as long as it relates to dancing. I realize that may add to the annoyance factor for some members, but hopefully the valuable things in the group will keep you around.

One positive aspect of this thought exercise is that maybe more attention needs to be paid to special interest dance groups. Many dance groups and clubs have group members and their own websites or blogs, for example Idle Rogue, Ballet Pixelle and Viva la Glam. There are language specific blogs, for example Mahal and Snuma Whitfield's and there are SL Interest groups or postings such as Gorean dance and Mer dance. BUT, maybe there is a need to organize these special interest groups to provide specific dance information to them, possibly as part of the DANCE QUEENS group. Any ideas or comments?


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  1. Hi Nottoo and all the Queens,

    I am glad that you chose to allow people to continue to post events in IM. I for one enjoy being able to go to all types of shows if I have the chance and a notice catches my eye. I learn from each performance I see and continue to be amazed at the beauty and originality to be found with dancing in SL. Thanks for doing such a great job everyone!!