Friday, June 8, 2012

Dance Festival V - Update 2

Dance Festival V - Update 2 120608

The Dance Festival is about six weeks away and I am getting excited already. This note is the second update on the festival. If you are thinking of participating in the festival also read the initial announcement and the first update.


Here is the schedule. So far 44 dance shows are set. With 96 time slots available, there are still a lot of times that can be scheduled. To schedule, just IM me or send me a notecard.


We have two different formats for the show. When you look at the schedule, you can see most of the dates and times have a white background and some have a green background.

If you have scheduled your show during a time with a white background, you will have adjoining parcels on two different sims.

The parcel on the north sim (in green on the drawing) will be for the stage and the parcel on the south sim (in blue on the drawing) will be for the audience. You will have a stage-audience border of 63 meters and a depth of 64 meters on both the audience and stage parcel and a height of 99 meters on both. You will have 600 prims on the stage parcel and another 600 prims on the audience side. Your stage will face south. You can choose to put your stage on the south sim if you want, for example for shows with the performers and audience mixed, but you will still be limited to 40 avatars on the south sim. You are responsible for putting what you want in both the stage and audience areas.

For the dates and times on the schedule with a green background, we will set up a stage area on the south sim with the audience also on the south sim. Diawa and I are working on the stage and audience area for this approach. We will soon have it on display so you can see it. With this approach your set needs to fit into the stage area. The audience area will already be fixed so you don't need to worry about that. The total number of avatars on the sim will still be limited to 40.


I will soon announce a practice area where you can set up your stage and audience area. to verify that it fits. While the festival is operating, you will need to set up your stage and audience areas during the 15 minute break periods after every 4 shows. You can set up your stages and audience areas during the breaks up to 6 1/2 hours before your show. This is all aimed at reducing lag. No rezzing during the shows (except if performing).

If you need help learning how to put your stage and audience areas into rezzers and rezzing them quickly, contact Zed Karas. She has the know-how to help you. She also will be available during much of the festival to assist you. If you cannot reach Zed, contact me for help. Please verify that you can rezz everything in the right place and orientation well before the festival.


I have set the maximum number of  avatars on the audience sim at 40. This is intended to help reduce lag. As I have explored ideas for control of avatar server demands, I have heard a number of pro and con views of how to do this. Thank you to all of you who have put comments on this blog or sent me comments in world. What I have decided to do is to simplify what I had mentioned previously. At the landing point of the festival, there will be an avatar script monitor and a sign telling everyone that the maximum number of scripts per avatar is 100. This number easily accommodates a Barre or Huddles HUD as well as many shoes and hair. You can still move and be beautiful with this number of scripts.

During the shows the security volunteers and I will be monitoring the script monitors. If there is a lag problem, we will place an avatar script monitor in view of the audience, so all can see it. Hopefully, peer pressure will cause most high script people to reduce scripts. I will also send out a Blue Notice to the sim about the lag and scripts. If the lag persists, I will contact by IM those people with the highest number of scripts over 100 and ask them to reduce their scripts. My view is that performers have spent a huge amount of work making their shows and I will accept some upset audience members with high scripts over 100 to help the performers deliver their best possible performance. If lag persists and high script audience members won't cooperate by reducing scripts, I will eject them.


In a couple of weeks we will begin to contact the media. If you have pictures or videos of the show you will be performing, send it to Arabella Luminos, who is the festival media contact. She may use those pictures and videos in the information she sends to the media.


Please see my blog post on using copyrighted music. The streams will be purchased well before the festival and assigned to you based on the parcel number where you will be performing. Riddlebox Ribble will be available to help you with streaming issues. I strongly recommend that you test the stream assigned to you prior to the festival. You will not be allowed to use your own stream so we can minimize the work needed to manage this aspect of the festival.


It takes a lot of work to put on a festival of the size and complexity of the DANCE QUEENS Festivals. After the festival I will put in the blog all of the things that need to be done so you can see inside. In these blog posts you can see some of the thinking and work that needs to be done. Of course, it is all intended to make the festival a good one for all and lots of fun.


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  1. Thank you Nottoo, so much work and thought has gone into this festival and as much as i wish i could lay some claim on the planning, my involvement is fairly minimal and mostly structural.

    I am a member responding and or offering assistance.
    It is something we do to give back. I do have some(alot) spare time and i love to help out anyone with anything when asked,(a lot would say i offer more then i am asked )and thats not always a good thing !

    I am a dancer and a performer,and have basic building skills.
    With that in mind, I lay no claim to being a authority on building.
    Nor do i claim to be a authority in SL infrastructure.

    This group is loaded with talent and knowledge. Lets see what we (Dancing Queen members and dancers in this SL community.)can put together.
    Diawa B!