Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dance Curriculum Under Development

Dance Curriculum Under Development 120613

A couple of days ago I went to a class at Idle Rogue about Basics for the Barre HUD. Perky Baxton taught it and, since I am in the process of switching from the Huddles to the Barre I wanted all the help I could get. There was a good crowd there and Rachael Young, the developer of the Barre, was also there.

After the class I had a conversation with Barbara Collazo about learning to dance in SL. The conversation evolved into talking about all the things that a dancer needs to learn to become really proficient. As we talked Barbara had the idea of developing a curriculum for dancing. WOW, an interesting idea.

So, I started thinking about the different sources of dance information that can be used to help dancers improve. Of course DANCE QUEENS is dedicated to this idea. The "How to ..." section has a lot of information in it. There are also classes on choreography. Then, I thought more about the classes that Zhaza Zerbino has taught on the DB system or the theater class that Leko Littlebird did. Of course Perky's class was another good example.

Today, Barbara and I talked again and she is thinking about developing a dance curriculum. This would identify the subjects that a dancer needs to know. From this we can then create content and identify teachers or make videos that explain each subject.

I know that some DANCE QUEENS members run dance schools. I don't want DANCE QUEENS to turn into a dance school or compete with those who do that. What I want is a solid curriculum so that people can learn how to do the many, many different things that dancers do. In a sense it would be developing the materials that dance schools use.

So, Barbara is starting to work on this idea. Send your ideas to her. Once she has the thoughts together, we will put a preliminary curriculum on the blog and ask for comments.


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