Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Avatar Sizes for Dancing and Shows

Avatar Sizes for Dancing and Shows 120626

Anyone who has seen me in SL knows that I am a very tall girl. I get a lot of comments on my extreme height. I have met only one female in SL taller than I am ... that is until today. I walked into my club (# TTOO Bar) and there I saw a friend of mine, Rug Halberd, towering over me. Normally Rug is a head shorter than I am but today I was a midget. Along with Rug was another friend, Nana Serevi, as a tiny Tinkerbell.


Easy size changes in SL have arrived.

If you want to do a show with the Incredible Hulk, Jack and the Beanstalk, David and Goliath or anything with an outsized avatar OR a Peter Pan, the Incredible Shrinking Man or the Wizard of Oz, now you can.

I include this in costumes although they are a bit more than that. It does take some work to do it. Start with the Collosi avatars from Ceri Quixote (on Marketplace). You can make your own if you want using Blender. Here are a couple of starting points for you: giants and tinies.

It takes some work because of invisible frames and alpha layers, and dancing may need some adjustment, but the fun thing is it opens up dancing in a new way ... size matters.



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  1. Av size is something i have over looked for a long time..98% of the dancers i know and see are freakishly tall lolol well there freaks too but..anyways .. i started to notice on large sets that i was becoming a speck of dust floating around on the set.. so i started creating(amazon) stage shapes to amplify my presents.