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DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival V Announcement

DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival V Announcement (120504)

Hi Dance Lovers,

My name is Nottoo Wise and I am inviting SL Dance Groups to participate in a Dance Festival (DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival V) on two week-ends: July 20, 21 and 22 and July 27, 28 and 29. This is not a competition. It is to show the diversity and fun of dance in SL.

Here are the details:


The DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival is the largest dance festival in SL. It is a yearly event sponsored by DANCE QUEENS and is open to all dance groups in SL. Last year's festival (IV) attracted 28 dance groups with a huge diversity of dance styles and presentations (picsvideo). The dance festivals are not a competition rather are a way to show how much fun dancing is and the wide diversity of dancing in SL. The festival is sponsored by DANCE QUEENS, which is a group for sharing information about dancing but is not a Dance Group. No commercial sponsorship of the Festival is sought or allowed.

This year's festival is expected to be even larger than last year's and a number of changes have been made to accommodate more dance groups and minimize lag.


DANCE QUEENS has rented two adjacent full sim islands for the six days of the Festival. The first island is called 'DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival V' (audience sim) and will be available for use sometime during the Thursday before each week-end's scheduled events. Directly south of 'DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival V' sim is the second island called 'DQ Stages' (Stage sim). The two sims share a common border. The LM for the sims will be active as soon as they are available.

The sims share a common border. The 'DANCE QUEENS Dance festival V' sim shares its southern border with the north border of the 'DQ Stages' sim. The 'DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival V' will be for the festival audience and those shows in which the audience and dancers mingle or must be on the same sim. The 'DQ Stages' will be for the stages for each show and only pre-authorized dancers will be permitted there.

The audience will watch the shows from one sim across the sim boundary to the second sim where the performers will be. To minimize lag the 'DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival V' sim will be limited to 40 avatars and the 'DQ Stages' sim will be limited to 20 avatars at one time.


Last year there were 28 dance groups performing and 4 more that wanted to perform but could not because of space limitations. A dance group can be one or more dancers. I anticipate many more dance groups will want to be in this year's Festival. The SCHEDULE is here.

Each show is limited to 45 minutes. You can use less time if you choose, but not more. A total of 96 time slots are available and the times are set to allow dance groups from all over the RL world to participate (and to let me sleep a little). Since the audience size is limited to 40, dance groups can sign up for 1 to 3 different times slots, so all of their fans can see them perform. This means you can repeat your show up to two times.

Registration is done by sending the following information to Nottoo Wise by notecard (no IMs):

NAME OF SHOW: Can be added later

With so many Dance Groups expected to want to participate, registering your Dance Group for a time will be in the following order:
  • Saturday, 5 May and Sunday, 6 May - Dance Groups that have participated in any previous Dance Festival may register one time slot.
  • Monday, 7 May and Tuesday, 8 May - Any Dance group with a member in DANCE QUEENS may register one time slot
  • Wednesday, 9 May and Thursday, 10 May - Any Dance group in SL may register one time slot.
  • Friday, 11 May and after - Any Dance Group in SL may register a second and third time slot.
Time slots are on a first come-first served basis. If you want to change a time slot with another group, both groups must send me a notecard agreeing to the change. Cancellations are expected from time to time and when they occur, I will open that time slot on the schedule and it will be available for another Dance group to take.

One dance group will perform at a time. When one dance group finishes its performance on a stage, the next scheduled group will begin a on a different stage at their scheduled time.

Any open spaces on the schedule will be left open for late participants.


The two sims will be rented by DANCE QUEENS. On the Thursday prior to each week-end's schedule the sims will be available and set up for the Festival. Each time slot will be assigned an audience area on the 'DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival V' sim and a performance area on the 'DQ Stages' sim. The two areas will be directly adjacent to each other so the audience can see the stage and performance. This arrangement is to reduce lag and allow each Dance Group to perform at its best.

The common boundary between the two sims is 256 meters and will be divided into four sections of 64 meters each. Approximately 1 meter will be taken for dividing lines so the available width for each show is 63 meters. There will be a 63 by 64 parcel for each dance show on both sims. The height available will be 99.75 meters. Again this means that you have a space of 63 by 64 by 99.75 m on the audience sim and 63 by 64 by 99.75 on the stage sim. The parcels will be numbered A, B, C, D.

I will put platforms every 100 m in altitude and number them 100, 200, etc. The first show will be on 1200 A, the second on 1200 B, and the last on 100 D. The schedule shows the location for each show.

Each Dance group will be responsible for setting up stages and audience areas for their show in their designated space. Because the sims are rented, we cannot set up long before the Festival as we have in previous years. Also, although there are 15,000 prims available on each sim, prim usage has an effect on lag. All this means is that each group can use up to 600 prims on the audience sim and 600 prims on the stage sim. The downside is that the audience area and stage areas will need to be rezzed at specific times during the show days. You will need to use a rezzer that you can place on your space. Rezzing and removal will be done during the 15-minute schedule breaks every three hours. We will provide a schedule of when you can rezz in another note to participating groups. You will have an opportunity to rezz your stage and audience area at least 3 hours before your show.

If you do not know how to use a rezzer, I will provide technical assistance and a practice area for you to use so that you know that everything can be positioned correctly.

You do have the option of performing your show in the audience area, but the restriction of 40 avatars on the audience sim will be maintained. No audience members will be allowed on the stage sim. All dancers will need to be identified beforehand and will be added to the authorized list for the Stage sim. Also a transparent, blocking screen will be placed on the common edge of the audience sim to prevent audience members from accessing the stage sim.

There will be a few controls on the audience sim to reduce lag. Audience members will not be allowed to rezz. Only pre-identified individuals will be given rezzing capabilities. Audience members will follow a flow of the show starting with 1200 A. During the break between 3-hour schedule segments the audience will be directed to the next lower level which they will be able to do by teleport or simply falling through designated holes to the next lower level. Audience members who do not follow the flow will be IMd and asked to continue to the next show. If they are afk or prefer not to, they will be ejected from the sim so that another person, who wants to see the shows can enter. There will be no restrictions on audience members in terms of HUDs, hair, etc.

I will provide technical support to any Dance Group requiring it for rezzing and set-up.

Security will be provided by DANCE QUEENS.

Each parcel (A, B, C, D) will be set up to stream to 100 people. Parcel A will be set to stream to both sims simultaneously, B to both, etc. You must use the streaming set up provided, so that we do not have to change stream URLs during the festival. Testing of the streams and set-up will be available the week before the Festival.

The time of day on both sims will be locked at midday. If you wish a different time of day, inform your audience to set their time to midnight, etc.


Each participating dance group will be paid an honorarium of 250 L by me. You may place a donation or tip jar when you dance.


In past Festivals we have had a wide variety of dance groups including theater style, ballet, sensual, all male, ethnic, Gorean, hip-hop, etc.. It is a lot of fun to see how others dance and innovate. This festival will be wide open and just looking at the Dance Groups that are receiving this notice, you can see that potentially there is a wide range of dance styles that may be seen. The sims are mature sims and dance performances can be modest to sensual. They are not adult sims.


I will put the festival in the SL Events and invite the MOCAP dance makers and major dance equipment makers to the show. Information will also be sent to the SL press. Of course, you can invite anyone you wish.


Send a notecard to Nottoo Wise with the following information:

NAME OF SHOW: Can be added later

Once I receive your notecard I will contact you.


In past Festivals I have managed with just a little help. I anticipate that this Festival will be bigger and more complex than the previous ones. I am asking for people to volunteer to assist in the following areas:
  • Technical advisers - rezzing and set-up
  • Sound advisers - manage streaming issues
  • Scheduling - arrange times and communicate with dance groups
  • Security - audience and stage sims
  • Photography - make vdeos and photos of the shows
  • Publicity - media announcements and communication
  • Communication - during the show announcements and communication
If you would like to help for even a small portion of the show, please send me a notecard. I will teach you what to do if you do not know how to do it.


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