Friday, May 18, 2012

DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival V - Update 1

DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival V - Update 1 (120518)

Here is an update on the preparations for the DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival V. The initial announcement and schedule have already been published. 


The festival is already bigger than the one held last year with 35 performances scheduled. With 96 time slots available for performing there are still a lot of times left. There are several groups that have not signed up yet for the first performance or second and third and I encourage you to do so.


One significant change to the set-up is that the audience sim will be on the south and the performing sim will be on the north. This 180 degree change is to help one dance group which has all of its shows scripted in that direction. I think it is early enough for everyone else that the orientation of the audience and stages can be adjusted for easily.


Five people (Montana Ballard, Zed Karas, Lymirah Gardner, Psyche Lunasea and Arabella Luminos) have volunteered to help with some aspect of the show. If you want to help with roles from publicity to security to technical, please let me know. In about a week I will begin to meet with the volunteers and the roles for each will be defined.


Diawa Bellic and I had a long and helpful discussion about ways to reduce lag in large festivals like this one. Diawa pointed out that the transfer of information between sims will add to the challenge on the servers and may be more than the savings on lag of separating the performers and audience. She suggested an alternate design that I have somewhat used before. This is to have four stages set around a square audience area. The audience would be required to sit down thus removing the lag created by avatar movement. When one show ends and the next is ready to begin, the entire audience seating arrangement would be rotated 90 degrees.

I do not know which design (1. separating the sims for the audience and performers, or 2. using a square with tight control on audience movement) will work better. So, I have designated Friday, 27 July, to be the times when we try Diawa's suggestion. The times for this day on the schedule are with a green background.

I will set up a prototype of the square stage design on my sim so you can see it if you are interested in this design.

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  1. My suggestion was have one larger inclosed dance hall and one large stage.I am thinking this would greatly reduce the prim count on the sim as appose to having 30 individual sections, and a centralized viewing area to reduce the physics calculations of a lot of avatars walking around.