Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dance Database Update

Dance Database Update 120529

The spreadsheet from the dance database has been updated. There are now 8500 animations in the database. Thanks go to both Psyche Lunasea and Barbara Collazo, who have sent me missing data about dances and animations.

Psyche has also suggested adding a new column in the database to provide the location of the dance or animation at a vendor. This would be very helpful in finding a dance/animation, but requires the input of a lot of data and would become inaccurate if a vendor redesigns the store or moves. Riddle, Psyche and I are discussing whether or not to do this.

If you have never seen an Access database it contains bunch of different screens where you can enter data. Here is a reduced screenshot of the animation list.

The dance database is based on an Access spreadsheet that Riddle created last summer and I populated with data. Rachael Young asked me earlier this week if she could copy the spreadsheet contents and use it on her website/store. YES. The database is available to anyone to use and copy. Right now we can only provide the data to you in the form of a spreadsheet, but I am open to ideas about how to host the Access database (or SQL or another database format) so that anyone may use the database functions. I want to keep it as an open DANCE QUEENS resource.

The database contains not only specific dance and animation information, but also sequence information. I have been quite slow in adding the dance sequence information and it is available only through sequence 265. Part of the challenge is that data entry requires a lot of time and a high degree of precision, and I don't have a lot of either. So, another one of the things I am thinking about is how to allow others, who would be trained, to enter data. If you have ideas or resources to help on this, let me know.

Barbara also sent me an analysis of the dance sequences that goes beyond what I had published previously. I put her data on sequences into a different spreadsheet for you to see. She took the songs that Riddle had identified as examples that fit each sequence and classified them according to the type of music. Barbara is a club host and is thinking about how to use these and other sequences with different songs that DJs play in her club. One of the things I had thought about is linking of the music that is streamed to sequences contained in a Dance Ball. Since the stream song title and artist are announced when a song is played (and can be set up to show in your chat), it seems that this information could be taken by a Dance Ball and activate just the right dance or dance sequence to make the Dance Ball dancers automatically dance something that fits the song. I think you will see something like this available in the next year.

As always if you have data to add to the database, send it to me. I will get it in there (slowly but surely) and eventually it will be available to all on the spreadsheet.


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  1. I would advise against putting direct SLURLs to the dances in the spreadsheet. Big animation stores don't rearrange much, but smaller ones do. Not to mention they often put new dances in a New section and are moved as soon as new ones come out.

    It would be fine to put SLURLs to the stores' landing points though. On the off chance that a store picks up and moves to a new sim, you could pretty easily change the whole sheet just using the Find and Replace feature.

    It might even work to write down the name of the section where the dances are. Most large stores have a directory that will TP you to a specific section of the store, and the names of the sections aren't always exactly the same as the dances within. For every store where you have "Bellydance 01" in the "Bellydance" section, you have one that has "Crystal Roses" in the "Women's Club" section. Animations are rarely moved from one section to another.