Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dance Costumes: Using the Alpha Layer

Dance Costumes: Using the Alpha Layer 120515

When the Lindens gave us the alpha layer as part of our appearance choices, this gave some new opportunities for dancing. You don't have to be knowledgeable of graphics to try some of these out. In your Inventory Library (at the bottom) in the Body Parts folder under Alpha Masks there are three useful alpha layers. These can be used in several ways for dancing.

Double click on the Invisible Avatar layer. This puts the layer into your clothing folder and you wear it. WOW! You disappear except for your attachments. Even your clothes disappear. If you do not have on attachments, you disappear completely.

As an example, here I am giving my crossed-arms, sexy look before putting on the Invisible Avatar layer:

After I put on the Invisible Alpha layer, here I am in the same pose. Only my hair, sunglasses and "2005" shoes are visible.

This gives you an option of using the alpha layer to disappear while dancing or appear suddenly like in a dance show.

It also gives you the opportunity to make some unusual costumes for dancing. I made one I call DANCE QUEENS - Stick Dancing. I put two boxed versions (tall and petite) of them in the Free Stuff Box at Dance Central. These are identical except the petite is 0.86 the length of the tall. When you put the the DANCE QUEENS - Stick Dancing costume on, you see yourself as a stick figure. Of course, you can edit your sticks to fit your size or change the color.

Here I am as a stick figure ... wow the easy way to diet.

To play with this I added a show/hide script to the sticks (enter in chat /1show or /1hide). This allows you to easily appear and disappear.

Now you can dance as a stick man or stick woman. HAHAHAHA. And, you can start using your own creativity to make unusual dance costumes for shows or fun.


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