Sunday, May 13, 2012

Alana Meskin Designs Sells Illegal Dances

Alana Meskin Designs Sells Illegal Dances 120513

It seems that every time we find and get closed an illegal dance seller and another thief appears. This time a DANCE QUEENS member followed the trail from Michigan's Shack, whom we have already identified as selling pirated pole dances from Sine Wave, to Alana Meskin Designs. Here is the conversation I had (with the DANCE QUEENS member's name removed):

[07:14:35] DANCE QUEENS member: Hi Nott, I just sent my alt to check out Michigan's Shack, they still have dancepoles, but the properties on the animations inside them say they are made by Alana Meskin Designs for which I am sending you the LM, as she sells packs of full perm animations
[07:15:06] Nottoo Wise: hi ___ xxx
[07:15:20] Nottoo Wise: i knew that alana meskin made the anims
[07:15:23] Nottoo Wise: or stole them
[07:15:32] Nottoo Wise: she had a shop called aliana
[07:15:41] Nottoo Wise: which is now closed
[07:15:44] DANCE QUEENS member: I also saw your name is not on the Michigan's Shack ban list at the moment, at least not where the poles are
[07:15:46] Nottoo Wise: but let me check it out
[07:15:53] Nottoo Wise: really
[07:15:54] Nottoo Wise: hahahah
[07:15:55] DANCE QUEENS member: ahh, well she has 3 stores now
[07:16:03] Nottoo Wise: ok ill check on her stuff
[07:16:15] Nottoo Wise: it seems one gets closed and two more pop up
[07:16:17] DANCE QUEENS
member: they are in her profile, but that is the main location
[07:16:23] Nottoo Wise: ok ty xxx
[07:16:27] DANCE QUEENS member: :)
[07:16:42] DANCE QUEENS member: Felt like doing detective work today
[07:16:52] Nottoo Wise: its kind of fun
[07:16:57] DANCE QUEENS member: it is
[07:17:02] Nottoo Wise: hahahaha
[07:17:17] Nottoo Wise: next time i get banned ill IM u
[07:17:25] DANCE QUEENS member: please do :))
[07:17:54] Nottoo Wise: Detective ___
[07:18:01] DANCE QUEENS member: hehehe
[07:18:52] Nottoo Wise: im still banned from michigans
[07:19:15] DANCE QUEENS member: ahh, could be an estate ban then
[07:19:33] DANCE QUEENS member: those don't show on the ban list
[07:19:41] Nottoo Wise: its a huge place so probably so

So, I went to Alana Meskin Designs. Hahahaha, there they were: stolen pole dance anims along with the nice dance stool anims from Sine Wave. There are some AOs there too but I don't know where she stole them from.

My recommendation ... stay away and tell your friends about it.

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