Sunday, April 22, 2012

Couples Dancing with the 2-Dancer Positioner

Couples Dancing with the 2-Dancer Positioner 120422

Yesterday I sent out the 2-Dancer Positioner as a fun way to couples dance with both dancers dancing the same dance using a HUD like the Huddles or Fleursoft. Today, Psyche Lunasea sent a note using the 2-Dancer Positioner for couples dancing in which the dancers dance different dances. Psyche uses the MLDU-5 to control two dancers, but I think her ideas would work with the Barre HUD or two Huddles HUDs linked using the F keys.

Psyche is a superb couples choreographer as you can see from her recent performance in the Choreography Show II. Here is her note ...


Hi Nottoo,

I have been choreographing latin dance party these days. And I read your article about your 2 Dancer Positioner and got one. I want to introduce three combinations for it, I mean, some pairs of solo dances that match in pairs.

Boy is dancer 1, and girl is dancer 2
1. Line L-R Position (Boy - L, Girl - R)
Boy: MyAnimation's "My-REGGAETON-22"
Girl: "My-REGGAETON-21"
The crossing of legs are cool.

2. B-F Position (Boy - L, Girl - R)
Boy: Vista's "slicefoot_Take_001"
Girl: TIS's "Buttweiser TIS - copy"
The two dances have the same hands shape;) Cute combination.

3. Row Front Position (Boy - Back, Girl - Front)
Boy: Henmation's  "f_dance_51"
Girl: "f_dance_60"
Dramatic combination.

Try and enjoy!



The MPC is a relatively simple device. It doesn't have the capabilities of a DanceMaster, DB System or even an XPOSE, but it does allow you to put dances with the positions. Soon, I will make one with dances that you can add to demonstrate how to do this.

Meanwhile, thanks to Psyche, we can have even more fun.

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