Friday, April 6, 2012

Blog Changes

Blog Changes 120406

Yesterday in the DANCE QUEENS chat there was a discussion of dance schools. This gave me the idea that it might be useful to list dance schools in SL and include information about them. I also wanted to begin to make changes to the blog based on the March Member Survey. One of the ideas expressed was to include where to find dance costumes and other dance equipment.

So, today I made some changes in the pages on the blog. These are the links found in the upper right hand side of the blog. Here are the changes:

  • A new page called 'Dance Costumes and Show Support' is added. The show support was transferred from the Dance Groups page and put into a spreadsheet. If you offer show support services and want your name added, let me know. So far there is nothing listed under costumes. Send me your favorite dance costume stores and what is there. for example, ballet shoes, cheerleader outfits, belly dancing silks, etc. Also, include links. I will add what you send me.
  • 'Dance Groups' now contains a link to the Dance Groups in SL and the venues that host shows. Take a look at the dance groups you are part of and send me any additions and corrections. Included in the listing is a column that identifies dance schools. Also, if you host dance shows, send me that information too.

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