Saturday, April 7, 2012

Belly Dance Outfits at Bellydance Goddess Designs

Belly Dance Outfits at Bellydance Goddess Designs 120407

Since we are now including dance costumes as part of the blog, we received this nice note from DANCE QUEENS member Bellydance Flower (Aquilegia Gossipgirl) about belly dance outfits. She included a lot of pictures but I have only included a few.



Since 2009 in Second Life
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Exclusive Design by Aquilegia Gossipgil




How to claim it:
1) Activate Bellydance Goddess Group
2) Right Click vendor
3) Select top option -> Gift
4) Browse the opened menu to Group Gift -> Group Discount
5) Read local chat it will orient you to pay the discounted price


Dance Accessories/Props [All LIGHT scripted - special created for performers - LAG FREE]

[Fans with Recolor HUD] Multiple Color options in 1 object  *Super Saving option for Performers*

[Veils and Ribbons] Also with Recolor HUD

[Special Line for Stage]

[Latest Released Costumes]

Feel invited to come visit us for a Complete Line and Collections.

***Special Discounts are offered for Dance/Performers Groups and Show Purposes. Drop a notecard for sponsoring request***


 Aquilegia Gossipgirl
 Bellydance Goddess CEO

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  1. Her outfits are awesome & they fit.

    Skye Merchiston