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Advanced Dancing 02

Advanced Dancing 02 (120424)

I asked Diddy Hyun to write up how she does shows with her group, The Kittens and Their Tigers. Diddy was so kind to say yes she would and here is what she sent us ...


Hello everyone nottoo has asked me to write a few tips for you on how to produce a show.

I have been in sl for over 5 years now and have had my own dance troup for 4 of those years, we do keep very busy with kittens all of us , we work together as a team.

My first tip if your thinking of starting a dance troup is to make sure the people you choose to be in your troup are reliable and dedicated this is real important as you need all to work as a team, and be able to be online together for the work involved and pratices and shows.

Once you have established this and your ready to start putting together a show, sit together and decide what sort of show you want choose the music together. If we decide amongst each other that we want to do a musical, and the musical really needs a script to tell the story, we use a free download called audacity. We then plan our script, choose the cast, and charactors and each of us do our recordings and send them to our dj by email.

The next thing to do is build your sets. I use the xpose to rezz my sets. The xpose can hold 9 scenes. This is usually enough for a set for each song. So, here is another tip worth considering, have someone in your group that has the imagination and the skills to build what you need and to be able to use the xpose to rez your different sets.

I find making the dances on the set that you are going to use for that song very helpful to, you get the feel of the mood and dance you want to create.

The next step we take is to share out what songs each of us want to make the dances to. Not everyone in the dance troupe has to be a choreographer, but it is good to have a couple of you. In my dance troup each of us are responable for something. It makes everyone feel they are a team.

In most of our dance shows we use 2 huds each and we have the {F} keys activitated on our keyboards. So, by pressing an f key both huds start at the same time. This makes the show more interesting and more versatile for example you can do a male and female couple dance.

Now i will try and explain how to activate your huds using the {F} keys on your keyboard for those of you who are using the huddles delux model:
  • step 1 is to deactivate any gestures that use the {F} keys
  • step2 inside your huddles folder you will find some scripts called F2 ( EZAD Button 1 ) activate each one of them  ( note that the F keys start from F2 on your keyboard so by pressing F2 on your keyboard it starts the first macro of your dance)
  • step3 take a new updated copy of your huddles and put in any annimations that you have in there, in my secound hud there mainly all copy dances so i have that dance  also in my main hud
You are now ready to use 2 huds with a sync start by pressing a {F} key.

To prevent lag as much as possible at our shows we clear our cache about a hour or 2 before our show starts. We also warm all huds by running through each dance on site where the show is going to take place. We also do costume changes on site before a show starts and also rez each set from the xpose this gets everything in everyones cache.  These few tips do help, but then you just cross your fingers and hope for the best that the lag monster is on your side lol
We use Zhaza's and Danny's move system to move our avitars around on stage. I highly reccomend it. It is very easy to use and has recently been updated and even better now.
ZZ and Danny are lovely people and always happy to help if a problem arises with it. It's also a good idea to run through all your moves to before a show
We find that we try our best to finalise eveything we need to do in our shows within a 4 week period. If it goes on to much longer, we are bored shitless with it, and if we ain't enjoying it then for sure our audience won't either. I hope this has helped some of our newcomers to dance queens and please don't hestitate to ask for any help with anything i am always about and willing to help

love and hugs
Didds ( Diddy Hyun )

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