Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quadro Burlesque HUD

Quadro Burlesque HUD 120225

Dave Bellman announced the following in the Animazoo Group today ...


Announcing the final additon to the Dance HUD Quadro range: The Quadro Burlesque Edition, containing all 24 Burlesque dances from the Burlesque, and Modern Burlesque collections. The dances have been expertly choreographed into 10 sensuous sequences by SL's own Kat Feldragon.

The best part is, huge discounts are available if you've bought Burlesque Fatpacks, HUDs or dances before! Simply click the 'Check for discount' button on the Quadro Burlesque vendor.

See you at Animazoo!

Dave Bellman

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