Thursday, February 23, 2012

3FX Personnel Change

3FX Personnel Change 120223

Maddy Effingham posted this to the 3FX Group today ...


Do to unfortunate circumstances of owner/creator unavailablity, I am no longer providing support for 3fx products.  Those who may be having problems with 3fx products or are in need of support, replacement, repair or any other assistance, will need to find other means of resolution for your issues.  I regret that your issues are unresolved but if the owner's presence is less frequent than a polar bear at Miami beach, there is nothing I can do to replace lost products or repair items that require creator attention.

I wish you luck and good fortune!

Maddy Effingham
Formerly 3FX Support Manager
P.S. Should circumstances change regarding 3fx's status or mine, you will be advised.

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