Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Comparison of Dance HUDs - Process

Comparison of Dance HUDs - Process

In November of last year we identified the different Dance HUDs available in SL and placed them in four categories. Now we are ready to compare the Dance HUDs and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. We may be able to make recommendations on which Dance HUD best meets our needs.

Here is the process I would like to follow to complete this:

1. Start with the Category 4 Dance HUDs. When we finish with the Category 4, we will move to the Category 3 Dance HUDs, if there is a need.

2. Ask each of the Category 4 Dance HUD makers to comment on how their HUD compares against the criteria we have established for comparing HUDs.

3. Ask volunteer DANCE QUEENS members to confirm and complete how each Dance HUD compares with the criteria. The names of the volunteers will be kept confidential.

4. Publish the preliminary results without making a recommendation and ask DANCE QUEENS members to comment.

5. Modify the results based on the comments.

6. Make final recommendations.

I expect that this process will take several weeks to complete for the Category 4 HUDs. If you would like to help in analyzing any of the HUDs, please IM me. This is especially true if you use regularly any of the Category 4 HUDs.


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