Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cheerleading Resources

Cheerleading Resources 120112

We have classified cheerleading as a dance STYLE in the Performance CATEGORY. In real life you may see cheerleaders dancing many different STYLES of dance along with acrobatic moves. In SL you can do the same.

There are some stores that sell cheerleading animations and equipment. I haven't seen any MOCAP cheerleader moves. I did a search for cheerleading anims and found the following stores that sell them:
A few years ago we used to play a game in SL called Riddleball. It was sort of a simplified soccerr (Football) game with two teams. We had a lot of fun playing and spiced the game up with cheerleaders dancing especially during halftime. Riddle made cheerleader outfits in red, blue, pink and green for this and I have put them in the DANCE QUEENS Free Stuff box in Dance Central. In addition to the cheerleader outfits there are some very nice pom-poms that are color changeable..


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