Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Cantara" Belly Dancing Show

"Cantara" Belly Dancing Show 120108

Sirena Lauria sent us a nice gift yesterday and here it is.


"Nottoo, this is a dance I choreoed for a show we never did.  It is for Cantara (live) (Remastered) by Dead Can Dance - the 5.16 minute one - fabulous."


[NAME]CANTARA|*Satyagraha|25.5|swoon|28.0|*Mysti|22.8|*White Silk|25.0|*Satyagraha|13.7|*With the Flow|27.0|*Samia|24|*Aziza|23.6|*Tahiyya|22.5|*Yes, Master|26.5|Jazz Flamenco|28.6|Bhangra|15| Landing-Kaku


*Satyagraha - A&M
swoon - Sine Wave
*Mysti - A&M
*White Silk - A&M
*With the Flow - A&M
*Samia - A&M
*Aziza - A&M
*Tahiyya - A&M
*Yes, Master - A&M
Jazz Flamenco - Ministry of Motion
Bhangra - Ministry of Motion



[NAME]CANTARA CHORUS|Belly Dance 1 (Animazoo dance 32)|24.5|Belly Dance 6 (Animazoo dance 37)|28.5|Belly Dance 7 (Animazoo dance 38)|19.0|belly dance 1|24.3|belly dance 2|28.3|belly dance 3|23.3|belly dance 5|18.4|[STOP]


Belly Dance 1 (Animazoo dance 32) - Animazoo
Belly Dance 6 (Animazoo dance 37) - Animazoo
Belly Dance 7 (Animazoo dance 38) - Animazoo
belly dance 1 - Sine Wave
belly dance 2 - Sine Wave
belly dance 3 - Sine Wave
belly dance 5 - Sine Wave

If you want to hear the music, see the YouTube video of the singers

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  1. oooh i wish we were able to perform this one..... its a great piece!!!....sexys quintessa