Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Animazoo Announces Show HUD

Animazoo Announces Show HUD 111221

Dave Bellman announced this in the Animazoo Group today ...


Stage Dancer HUD Quadro
Wed, Dec 21 2011 3:16:03 AM PST

I've just finished the Stage Performer Quadro HUD, complete with 35 dances arranged over 7 sequences. *important* Huge discounts available if you have bought Animazoo's fatpacks or HUDs in the past! Please click the 'check for discount' button on the Quadro vendor at the Animazoo store.

Included Sequences:Belly Dancer, Belly Dancer , Performing Singer, Burlesque, Modern Burlesque, West End Girl, Show Girl


:-Dave Bellman
Animazoo animations

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