Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DANCE QUEENS Choreography Show

DANCE QUEENS Choreography Show

Choreography is an important part of dancing and done so many diferent ways. I want to have a way for DANCE QUEENS members to show their choreography skills and at the same time let other members see the details behind the dance.

Saturday, 26 November at 8am SLT we will have the first DANCE QUEENS Chroreography Show. Here is how it will work.


You can dance individually to one song of your choosing. DANCE QUEENS members only can dance individually. This is not for couples or groups.

All dances will be on the DANCE QUEENS Stage.

Each dancer will be given a 10-minute time slot. During this time you must set-up, give your dance and remove anything you rez. A curtain will be available to be open during your dance.

You can rezz anything you want during your time as long as it fits within the interior of the stage.

The music that you want during your 10 minutes must be identified beforehand. Riddlebox Ribble will run the stream and work with you to get the music.

Because this is both a demo and a learning event, you need to provide me (Nottoo) your Dance List (Freestyle) or Sequence (Sequenced) so that it can be put in the program distributed to the audience. This way they can watch you dance and see how you did it.


Times are on a first come-first served basis. Send me an IM or notecard if you are interested.

Come show your stuff.


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