Saturday, November 12, 2011

Comparing Dance HUDs - Call for Help

Comparing Dance HUDs - Call for Help 111103

In the last two months I have had five different Dance HUD makers speak to me about their HUD. This has led me to do some thinking about how to analyze dance HUDs. This is a tougher task than analyzing sim Dance Systems, since Dance HUDs are used so many different ways. So, I am asking for your help in separating the existing Dance HUDs into categories.

I have defined 4 categories of Dance HUDs

Category 1 (BASIC) - Lets the owner dance alone using dances placed in the HUD

Category 2 (LEAD) - Does the Category 1 capability and lets the owner add other people to dance in sync with the owner

Category 3 (FREESTYLE) - Does the Category 2 capability and lets the owner control the display of dances to choose to activate (necessary for Freestyle Choreography)

Category 4 (SEQUENCED) - Does the Category 3 capability and lets the owner make dance sequences (necessary for Sequenced Choreography)

Once we have the existing HUDs separated into cartegories, we can define additional criteria that are important. These are things like capacity, ease of use, lag, price, etc.

Please send me the name of any Dance HUDs that you have or are familiar with and the category in which it belongs. Be specific about the name and version number, please. In a few days I will publish the list for comments, then we can begin the analysis.



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