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Using /99n in Your Huddles

Using /99n in Your Huddles 111015

If you use the Huddles EZ Animator Deluxe as your main dance HUD, you probably use notecards for either freestyle choreography or sequenced choreography. As the number of dances in your HUD grows you begin to have a problem with moving around in your notecard. You can see only 10 dances at a time. If the dance or sequence that you want to use is, for example, 100 lines on your notecard from where you are, that means ten clicks on your arrow button. Wow, that's a pain.

The /99n feature of Huddles offers an alternative to all that clicking. Read the Huddles info on the subject. You can set up your notecard with all of your dances and sequences using the [NAME] command. Let me show you some examples:


1. Set up individual dances with the [NAME] command

You can set up a one line name command for an individual dance in your HUD. Let's say you have ten dances in your HUD on a notecard like this:

Greed TIS
Back It Up - Abranimations
*High Heat
My-BACHATA Dance-01

You can change your notecard so that each dance is named with the [NAME] command and get exactly the same Huddles appearance and action when you load the notecard. The notecard would look like this:

[NAME]Greed TIS|Greed TIS
[NAME]Back It Up - Abranimations|Back It Up - Abranimations
[NAME]*High Heat|*High Heat
[NAME]My-BACHATA Dance-01|My-BACHATA Dance-01

This approach gives you one big advantage: you can use the /99n method to play the dance. To do this you type in chat (no quotes) "/99n swoon" and the HUD plays swoon. Since you begin to know your dances, you can now quickly get to the dance you want that is 10 or more clicks away by typing /99n DANCE NAME. Of course, who can remember the awful names like AKEYO uses or the long ones that Abranimations chooses. Using the name command you can call them what u want. For example

[NAME]backitup|Back It Up - Abranimations

and entering your given name, sexy01 or backitup, plays the dance you want.


2. Set up dance sequences with the [NAME] command

You have hundreds of dance sequences to choose from and some of them you may have in your HUD. Many of these are already set up with the [NAME] command. The [NAME] command plays a sequence as well as an individual dance. So, for example, you want to play sequence 129

[NAME]Urban Hot|S4D_urban_237|29.3|S4D_urban_238|29.4|rock paper lizards|30.1|[REPEAT]

All you do is enter in chat (no quotes) "/99n Urban Hot" and the sequence plays. Your HUD page stays where you are while the dance plays.


3. Use external notecards

I have even gone so far as to set up notecards outside the HUD that I keep open while dancing. I call them my /99n notecards. On these I put the /99n dances that I want to use. For example, the card may look like this:

/99n swoon
/99n f_dance_20
/99n Greed TIS
/99n S4D_Step_12_102
/99n VA_GAGA_Dance06
/99n AKEYO_dance-NINA_02
/99n Back It Up - Abranimations
/99n *High Heat
/99n jumped
/99n My-BACHATA Dance-01
/99n Urban Hot

All I do is copy the line for the dance I want to do and paste it into chat.

You can take this idea even further. Let's say you have some favorite songs for which you love to use specific sequences. For example, you might like some of the music choices DJ Ridd has chosen for the DANCE QUEENS Dance Sequences, say Sequence 128 Sam and Dave - Soul Man. This goes with the sequence

[NAME]Soul Man|m_dance_77|23.5|m_dance_78|23|*Pop Star|24.6|[REPEAT]
You can arrange your /99n external notecard so that you can quickly play just that sequence:

Sam and Dave - Soul Man
/99n Soul Man

You can alphabetize your /99n card by name, by song or organize it any way you want. As soon as the song comes on, all you do is copy and paste the /99n line and you start dancing.

You can even arrange your SL Preferences (at least in Firestorm) so that you get the name of the song and the artist in chat just before it starts.

Hey, dancing the perfect sequence in a club when the music starts is DANCE QUEEN perfection.


Please send additions and corrections to me.



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  1. Thank you so much, this should be a big help.
    I'm not sure why all of my AO animations show up in the lists, but, they do and play when I click the dance button...your suggestion will help organize the dances better.
    Now if only I could get rid of the backflips and things that don't belong.