Sunday, October 2, 2011

SL Internal Animations

DANCE QUEENS - Internal SL Animations 111002

The basic movements of your avatar are done with the SL Internal Animations. These animations are available to every avatar and are things like the walking, flying, landing, standing movements that you make.

These animations are available to use in your Huddles EZ Animator Dance HUD using notecards.

First, the list of the Internal Animations is found in the SL Wiki. 

To put an Internal Animation in a Notecard just put the name on a line, for example:


If you are using it in a sequence, you can add the time to run in seconds after the name, for example:


If you want to work with the SL animations outside of SL, for example to modify them with an animation program like Qavimator or BVH Hacker, these are available. Using BVH Hacker or Qavimator you can also see the length in seconds of each SL Internal Animation.

I have used a couple of internal animations in shows using the XPOSE so I needed the actual animations. I uploaded them to SL as priority 3. You can get them (avatar_laugh_short, shout) in the DANCE QUEENS Freebie Box.



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