Monday, October 10, 2011

Opening a Couples Dance Ball

Opening a Couples Dance Ball 111010

Couples dances are sold as two dance balls. One is for males and is usually blue and the second is for females and is usually pink or red. To couples dance with a couples dance balls you simply rezz the balls on the floor, hop on and start dancing. Occasionally, you have to adjust the height of the balls using the edit function so you don't dance in the floor.



Inside a couples dance ball are two types of things:
1. A SCRIPT that syncs the animations.  Sometimes, there may be more than one script.
2. An ANIMATION in the male ball and a different animation in the female ball. Sometimes, there are two or even three animations in each pose ball since some dance makers include a waiting animation for a dancer whil
e waiting for the second person to join.



Animations is the simple answer. Here is what you may want to do with the animations:
1. Put them into an INTAN or TIS Hybrid Dance System
2. Put them into an XPOSE System
3. Put the dance animations in your Dance HUD for individual or group dancing

Along with the animations are the syncing scripts. These are always no copy so can be used once in another couples dance ball, but if you are making couples dance balls you can use a commercially available syncing script. I will talk more about making couples dance balls in another note.



Since the Couples Dance Balls consist of two prims (the male dance ball and the female dance ball), you need to open both. When you rezz the couples dance balls, right click and select edit, you look inside the dance balls. You can click on the contents tab and see the script and animations in the root prim. One of the two dance balls is always the root prim. When looking inside a couples dance ball, you need to look at both balls. To do this check the box in the edit window called 'Edit linked parts.' Then click on one of the balls. This lets you see inside that ball only. To look inside the other, click on it.

To remove dances or scripts from the balls, just click and hold on the animation or script and slide it to your inventory, then release. You now have the dance or script in your inventory. With a few exceptions, animations in couples dance balls are no copy. By removing the no copy animations, the couples dance ball will no longer function.


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