The [GO] Command for Huddles

The [GO] Command for Huddles 111009

In the SL Huddles HUD one of the commands is the [GO] command. Huddles instructions are not too expansive on the subject. The [GO] command is useful when the dance sequence you have made is longer than 255 characters. The limit for a notecard line in SL is 255 characters and any line with more than 255 characters is not read by the HUD. If you have a sequence that is more than 255 characters (including spaces) this means that the last complete dance in the sequence before the 256th character is reached is run over and over. Plus you probably will get a green chat notice with the partial name of the dance that was cut off.

Since we sometimes want to choreograph a long sequence, the [GO] command in Huddles was designed to solve this problem. The [GO] command is followed by a number, for example:

[NAME]MAINSTREET|D0895-Walk.N|4|D0864-Stand.N (Adult)|10|D0615-Turn.L|4|D0895-Walk.N|4|D1281-Stand.N (Adult)|4|S4D_standing_typeC|14|S4D_standing_typeD|12|D0089-Stand.N (Adult)|12|Do I have to dance?|18|TAM05_Groove_AKEYO|14|LUG05_Dance_AKEYO|15|[GO]4
[NAME]MAINSTREET|D0868-Stand.N (Adult)|3|D1113-Stand.N (Adult)|6|Here I am Stand|8|Slap|3|S4D_Vocal_90|3|fly beyond (c)|21|Rocker Punch|22|S4D_SLOW_283|16|S4D_Vocal_90|15|D0868-Stand.N (Adult)

The [GO]4 in this sequence is the GO command telling the HUD to go to the fourth line in the notecard. This gives the choreographer a way to make a long sequence that is more than 255 characters.

Unfortunately, the [GO] command specifies a line number to go to, in the example, line 4. This is okay when you have a notecard that is made for a specific show. It causes a problem when you want to use the [GO] command in a general notecard. This is because you may choose to put a dance or dance sequence in your notecard in front of the dance sequence with the [GO] command. When you do this it changes the line number. If you have a huge notecard like I do, you can't remember all the [GO] commands. The result is that it makes your sequences with [GO] commands not work right ... yuck.




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