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Dance Q&A - Dance Group Leaders

Dance Q&A - Dance Group Leaders 111021

This post is for answering questions that are raised by DANCE QUEENS members on the subject of Dance Group Leaders. The full set of questions is listed in the Dance Q&A.



"For DQ members who are also dance group leaders, is there a process for coming up with ideas for acts/shows? How do you find venues for performances (other than owning a sim and/or club). How do groups market/advertise themselves?"

The creative process is hard to define and likely varies from dance leader to dance leader. I know some groups that have a creative leader, who is the source of ideas, while others make it a group process. Some groups choose to work in specific types of limits, for example, Ballet Pixelle and Independent Ballet do ballet-related shows, and The Original Chippendales do male-stripping shows. Others choose do things like plays or tributes, for example, the Kittens and Their Tigers do a soap opera with a new show about every two weeks, while STAGE ONE PRODUCTIONS does tribute shows. Others focus on a theme like VIVA LA GLAM and Blue Moon do burlesque in their theaters.

Ideas come from many places. Since dance and music are an important part of the shows, a song or dance may be the starting point. For the play that Riddle and I did for the DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival IV, the idea came from the basic ideas of bees. We found music and the music helped define the plot.

As far as venues are concerned many groups have a home venue. Some choose to perform at their home venue almost exclusively. Others put their shows on the road. Road shows require movable sets and are more of a logistical challenge. Finding a place to perform is not really too hard. Click on the Dance Groups page on the upper right of this blog, then scroll to the bottom to get a list of venues that welcome dance shows. You may also find that clubs will host your show especially if you work only for tips.

Advertising is important if you want a good crowd. Some basic things you can do are:
  1. Put the show in SL Events.
  2. Invite your friends and your group member's friends
  3. Make sure the venue owner has invited his/her group members
  4. Put the show on the DANCE QUEENS calendar and IM the DANCE QUEENS group just before the show.
Some groups go further. They have set up a group and website, for example Funky Feats, The Pink ladies and the New Brighton Belles have done this. Others make videos of their shows and use that to demonstrate their groups shows, for example, Unity Productions does this. Others make special efforts to inform the SL media through picture books and media articles, a good example here is Spirit Dance Company.

Word-of -mouth is also a good way to get an audience with a "build a better mousetrap" approach of having really good shows that attract people.

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