Friday, October 21, 2011

Dance Q&A - Buying Dances

Dance Q&A - Buying Dances 111021

This post is for answering questions that are raised by DANCE QUEENS members on the subject of Buying Dances. The full set of questions is listed in the Dance Q&A.



"With the number of dances/anims available, how do DQ members decide which ones to purchase? Do members spend a certain amount of $L each week/month on dances? Do they buy on an as-needed basis? Do they limit the amount of dances they purchase at one time?"

The September 2011 DANCE QUEENS Survey Results answers some of these questions. The median number of dances owned by members is 300. The median number of dances purchased in the last month is 20 or about 5 per week.

I have never surveyed the members on how they decide on the dances they buy. I would guess that the decision-making process is influenced by several factors, such as:
  • how much the member can afford to spend
  • are dances needed for a show or special event?
  • are new dances for sale?
  • do they like the dances that they see at dance sellers?
Other influences come into play. Dance sellers sometimes have sales. They also offer discounted dance packs. I think most DANCE QUEENS members are addicted to SL and dancing, so the temptation to get more dances is strong.

For some members the sequences have an influence on the dances they buy. I try to make the sequences both fun, useful and instructive. I make seqeunces using all the MOCAP dance makers dances, so members can see the different dances.


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