Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dance Details - W-WZ

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
waggle - Freebie from Animazoo!         Animazoo
wait2 Dance Slow     3FX Entertainment
Walkin the Walk|27.42| Dance   27.42   Ministry Of Motion
Wallflower|1.75| Animation Medium 1.75   Animazoo
wanna be|23| Dance   23   3FX Entertainment
want some|24.5| Dance Medium 24.5   Sine Wave
Want You Bad|25.17| Dance   25.17   Ministry Of Motion
warming up - Star Jumps|1.1| Dance Medium 1.1   Abranimations
warming_stand_1|10| Animation   10   Extreme Animations
warming_stand_2 Animation       Extreme Animations
warming_up_stand_3 Animation       Extreme Animations
wasabi|13.3| Dance   13.3   Sine Wave
washing machine|30| Dance Medium 30   Sine Wave
watch my feet|14.8| Dance   14.8   Extreme Animations
Watermelon Crawl|29.25| Dance Medium 29.25   Animazoo
wave crashing         Animate This
Wavey Uber Lock &Pop|23.67| Dance   23.67   Ministry Of Motion
Waveylockpop Moonwalk|15.8| Dance   15.8   Ministry Of Motion
Waving Sliding Caterpillar|29.75| Dance   29.75   Ministry Of Motion
Wavy Dance - Abranimations|24| Dance Slow 24   Abranimations
wavy gravy|29.2| Dance   29.2   Sine Wave
way i am Dance Medium     3FX Entertainment
way on high|17.8| Dance Fast 17.8   Sine Wave
Way you make me feel|26.33| Dance   26.33   Ministry Of Motion
we are dancing|25| Dance   25   3FX Entertainment
weaving dreams|29.9| Dance   29.9   Sine Wave
weloveyou-boy|21.4| Dance   21.4 5.1 Sine Wave
weloveyou-girl|28| Dance Medium 28 7.2 Sine Wave
West Side Story 3|24.5|     24.5    
West Side Story|24.28| Dance   24.28   Ministry Of Motion
what about us Dance Medium     3FX Entertainment
what ever i will|24.05| Dance Medium 24.05   3FX Entertainment
Wheelie Fliptastic|27| Dance   27   Ministry Of Motion
whipping the waves         Animate This
whirlygig|12.5| Dance Fast 12.5   Sine Wave
whiskey bottle Animation       3FX Entertainment
white  feathers|27.9| Dance   27.9   Sine Wave
white powder|23.2| Dance Fast 23.2   3FX Entertainment
whos the best copy|27| Dance Slow 27   Sine Wave
whut|29.1| Dance Medium 29.1   Sine Wave
Why Bother?|22.29| Dance   22.29   Ministry Of Motion
wide and bendy|21.2| Dance   21.2   Sine Wave
Wiggle and Flutter|29.67| Dance   29.67   Animazoo
wiggle dancing 1 - Abranimations|30| Dance   30   Abranimations
wiggle dancing 2 - Abranimations|17.34| Dance   17.34   Abranimations
Wiggle it - Animazoo dance 53|24| Dance Slow 24   Animazoo
wild cat Dance Medium     3FX Entertainment
wild night Dance Fast     Extreme Animations
Will Smith Gettin' Jiggy|28.33| Dance   28.33   Ministry Of Motion
Willie Bounce - Animazoo dance 43 Dance       Animazoo
wind your body|17| Dance Medium 17   Sine Wave
windBallerinaCrouch         Creative Insanity
windBallerinaFall         Creative Insanity
windBallerinaFly         Creative Insanity
windBallerinaFlyDown         Creative Insanity
windBallerinaFlyUp         Creative Insanity
windBallerinaStand1|10| Dance Medium 10   Creative Insanity
windBallerinaStand2|10| Dance Medium 10   Creative Insanity
windBallerinaStand3|9.67| Dance Medium 9.67   Creative Insanity
windBallerinaStand4|9.71| Dance Medium 9.71   Creative Insanity
windBallerinaStand5|4.95| Dance Medium 4.95   Creative Insanity
windBallerinaStand6 Dance       Creative Insanity
windBallerinaStand7|5.0| Dance Medium 5.0   Creative Insanity
windBallerinaStand8 Dance Medium     Creative Insanity
windmill Animation       Sine Wave
Winner Animation       m:ess Animations
winsome_Standing1 Animation       Sine Wave
winsome_Standing2 Animation       Sine Wave
winsome_Standing3 Animation       Sine Wave
winsome_Standing4 Animation       Sine Wave
winsome_Standing5 Animation       Sine Wave
winsome_Standing6 Animation       Sine Wave
winsome_Standing7 Animation       Sine Wave
winsome_Standing8 Animation     2.4 Sine Wave
Wipe Sweat and Stand Animation       Abranimations
wired|15.8| Dance Fast 15.8 4.9 Sine Wave
With the Flow|27.5| Dance   27.5    
without you|22.4| Dance Medium 22.4   3FX Entertainment
Woot Clapping (Large Avi) Animation       Ministry Of Motion
Woot Clapping|25| Dance   25   Ministry Of Motion
work it Dance Fast     Sine Wave
worship|5| Dance Medium 5   Djezebel Animations
WTF on acid|8.87| Dance   8.87   Ministry Of Motion

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