Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dance Details - STE-SZ

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
Steady Sway - Abranimations         Abranimations
step aside Dance Medium     Sine Wave
Step Forward & Back - Abranimations         Abranimations
step it up Dance Fast     3FX Entertainment
Step n Love Dance Medium     AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
step up|21| Dance Fast 21   3FX Entertainment
Stepping Up|29.43| Dance Medium 29.43   Animazoo
Stilling|28.5| Dance   28.5   AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
Stirring Up|24.6| Dance Medium 24.6   Animazoo
Stompa Espanica|29.44| Dance Medium 29.44   Animazoo
strawberrys and cream|22.2| Dance Medium 22.2   Sine Wave
Street-002|21.08| Dance   21.08   Ministry Of Motion
stretch_stand_1|9.2| Animation   9.2   Extreme Animations
stretch_stand_2 Animation       Extreme Animations
stretch_stand_3 Animation       Extreme Animations
stretch_stand_4 Animation       Extreme Animations
stretch_stand_5 Animation       Extreme Animations
stretch_stand_6 Animation       Extreme Animations
stretch1|7.8| Dance   7.8    
stretch4|3.9| Dance   3.9    
stretch5|5.1| Dance   5.1    
Strike A Pose Dance Medium     ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
stripper Dance Slow   8.5 Sexy Jesse's Sexy Motions Animat
strippers2b Dance       Sexy Jesse's Sexy Motions Animat
strippers2c Dance Slow     Sexy Jesse's Sexy Motions Animat
Strut Kick Shuffle|29.17| Dance   29.17   Animazoo
Style Groove - Abranimations Dance       Abranimations
su Animation       Vista Animations & Co Shopping
Suay|19.0| Dance Slow 19.0   Animazoo
Sugar for my Daddy|29.17| Dance   29.17   Ministry Of Motion
Sultry Down Body|2.00| Animation Medium 2.00 7 Abranimations
SultrySink1 Dance Slow     Abranimations
Sunshine Groove|29.1| Dance   29.1    
supercool Dance Fast     Sine Wave
superdance Dance Fast     TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
superfly|18.1| Dance Medium 18.1   Sine Wave
supermodel strut dance Animation       ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Superstition|30| Dance   30   Ministry Of Motion
Sway Mix - Abranimations Dance       Abranimations
sweet butterfly Dance Medium     3FX Entertainment
Sweet Georgia Brown-1|29.92| Dance   29.92   Ministry Of Motion
Sweet Georgia Brown-2|26.25| Dance   26.25   Ministry Of Motion
Sweet Seduction_3 Dance Slow     Motion Kidd (Avatar)
Sweet Sugarplum|26.6| Dance   26.6    
Sweet Temptation_2 Dance Slow     Motion Kidd (Avatar)
Sweet Temptation_3 Dance Slow     Motion Kidd (Avatar)
Sweet_Seduction_2 Dance Slow     Motion Kidd (Avatar)
Sweet_Temptation Dance Slow     Motion Kidd (Avatar)
swim Animation       Kabuki Creations
Swipes|15.67| Dance   15.67   Ministry Of Motion
Swishy Dance - Abranimations         Abranimations
swoon|29.9| Dance Slow 29.9 9.2 Sine Wave
sync|20.1| Dance   20.1   Sine Wave

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