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Dance Details - SL-SO

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
SL Chi Shock Animation       Abranimations
SL Damage - middle Animation       Abranimations
SL Damage 2-lower Animation       Abranimations
SL Damage 2-upper Animation       Abranimations
Slap and tickle - Animazoo dance 58         Animazoo
Slaughtered|25.5| Dance   25.5   Ministry Of Motion
Slave Dance - no copy Dance Medium     Raymation Designs
slavecrawlz Animation       BABBETTE ADAIR (Avatar)
slavedrop Animation       BABBETTE ADAIR (Avatar)
slavefall Animation       BABBETTE ADAIR (Avatar)
slavefloat Animation       BABBETTE ADAIR (Avatar)
slavefloatforward Animation       BABBETTE ADAIR (Avatar)
slavefloatforward2 Animation       BABBETTE ADAIR (Avatar)
slaveflydown Animation       BABBETTE ADAIR (Avatar)
slavemove2 Animation       BABBETTE ADAIR (Avatar)
slavestill Animation       BABBETTE ADAIR (Avatar)
SLCfall36(P4) Animation       Body Language
SLCST(_)29si(P3) Dance Medium     Body Language
SLCST(_)30si(P3) Dance Medium     Body Language
SLCST(15)98rm(P3) Dance Medium     Body Language
SLCST(30)58muri(P4) Animation       Body Language
SLCstandUp24(P4) Animation       Body Language
sleep Animation       Ferran Brodsky (Avatar)
Sleepy Animation       m:ess Animations
slicefoot_Take_001 Dance       Vista Animations & Co Shopping
sliding feet 1 - Freebie from Animazoo!         Animazoo
sliding feet 2  - Freebie from Animazoo!         Animazoo
Sliding Machine Gun|29.75| Dance   29.75   Ministry Of Motion
Slinking|29.17| Dance Medium 29.17   Animazoo
Slinky Sexy Dance  2 Dance     1.8 ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Slinky Sexy Dance 4 Dance Slow     ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Slinky Sexy Dance Remix Dance Slow     ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
slinky_sexy_slow_dance_1 Dance Slow     Animations HUMAN MOTION, Animati
slinky_sexy_slow_dance_2 Dance Slow     Animations HUMAN MOTION, Animati
Slinky_Sway Dance Medium     Motion Kidd (Avatar)
Slip 'n Slide|23.67| Dance   23.67   Ministry Of Motion
Slip Slidin' Away Dance Medium     Ministry Of Motion
Slip Slidin|29.25| Dance   29.25   Ministry Of Motion
Slippery Twist/LB Dance Medium     Lars Bismark (Avatar)
Sloppy Fighter Stance Animation       Abranimations
Sloppy Fighting1 Animation       Abranimations
Sloppy Fighting2 Animation       Abranimations
Sloppy Fighting3 Animation       Abranimations
Sloppy Fighting4 Animation       Abranimations
Sloppy Fighting5 Animation       Abranimations
Sloppy Fighting6 Animation       Abranimations
Sloppy Fighting7 Animation       Abranimations
Sloppy Fighting8 Animation       Abranimations
Sloth TIS|29| Dance Medium 29   THERE IN SPIRIT ANIMATIONS
Slouch Back - Abranimations         Abranimations
Slow Groove Dance Slow     Abranimations
Slow Groove2 Dance Slow     Abranimations
Slow Groove3 Dance Slow     Abranimations
Slow Groove4 Dance Slow     Abranimations
Slow Groove5 Dance Slow     Abranimations
Slow Jam Dance Dance Slow     ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Slow Lap Dance Dance Slow     MYSTIC DAWN (Avatar)
Slow Lap Dance (looped) Dance Slow     MYSTIC DAWN (Avatar)
slow nite club Dance Slow     TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
slow rythm|15.2| Dance Slow 15.2   Extreme Animations
Slow Sinuous_5_SLOW|24| Dance   24   MoOnlight Animations
Slow_Seduction Dance Slow     Motion Kidd (Avatar)
Slow_Seduction2 Dance Slow     Motion Kidd (Avatar)
slowjazz Dance Medium     BUTCHER CASSIDY (Avatar)
slowly 2|14.6| Dance   14.6   Extreme Animations
slowly 3|15| Dance   15.2   Extreme Animations
slowly|15.1| Dance   15.1   Extreme Animations
slunk|29.9| Dance   29.9   Sine Wave
smack that|20.1| Dance Fast 20.1   3FX Entertainment
smashing|23| Dance Fast 23   Sine Wave
smell good Dance Medium     3FX Entertainment
Smile Dance Medium     AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
Smooth Criminal-1|29.25| Dance   29.25   Ministry Of Motion
Smooth Criminal-2|24.92| Dance   24.92   Ministry Of Motion
Smooth Criminal-3|24.58| Dance   24.58   Ministry Of Motion
Smooth Criminal-4|28.75| Dance   28.75   Ministry Of Motion
Smooth Jazz|28.67| Dance Medium 28.67   Animazoo
smooth moves Dance Fast     Extreme Animations
Snake Dance Dance Medium     ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Snake Dance - ANOmations Dance       ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
Snake Dance Slow Remix Dance       ANOmations Mavericks Main Store
snake hips|29| Dance   29   Sine Wave
snake hips|9.0| Dance Medium 9.0   THERE IN SPIRIT ANIMATIONS
snake sensual dance Dance Medium     TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
Snake|16.4| Dance Slow 16.4   Dancequeen Freebee Pack
Snakebite TIS|28.5| Dance Medium 28.5   THERE IN SPIRIT ANIMATIONS
Snap Fingers|3.5| Dance Medium 3.5   Abranimations
Snap me fingers - dance 26|21| Dance Medium 21   Animazoo
Snappy Feet|28.58| Dance Medium 28.53   Animazoo
sneezing_stand-2         Extreme Animations
So Cool (transfer)|25| Dance Medium 25   Ministry Of Motion
So Cool it Hurts|24.58| Dance   24.58   Ministry Of Motion
So Cool|25| Dance Medium 25   Ministry Of Motion
so low Dance Medium     3FX Entertainment
So Soo Cool|24.17| Dance   24.17   Ministry Of Motion
So Soon|24.25| Dance Medium 24.25   Animazoo
so what Dance Medium     3FX Entertainment
soap suds|29.6| Dance Medium 29.6   Sine Wave
soft/land brl Animation       TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
Sol Fly Like An Eagle Looped Dance       Sol Animations
Sol Fly Like An Eagle|10| Dance   10   Sol Animations
Sol Flyfig8 Dance       Sol Animations
Sol Flyfig8 lp Dance       Sol Animations
Sol FlyFig8 SplitLand Jump Dance       Sol Animations
Sol FlyFig8 SplitLand JumpLp Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyBk2LaySS Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyBk2LaySSLoop Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyBk2LOFullTw Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyBk2LOFullTwLP Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyDanceLPir Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyDanceLPirLp Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyDanceRPir Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyDanceRPirLp Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyDoubleDouble Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyDoubleDoubleLP Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlySideSSfullT Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlySideSSfullTLP Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyTwistyFlip Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyTwistyFlipLoop Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyWindUpSpinDown Dance       Sol Animations
SolFlyWindUpSpinDownLP Dance       Sol Animations
Solid Gold Super Sexy|24.42| Dance   24.42   Ministry Of Motion
somersault1|13.1| Dance   13.1    
somersault2|13.1| Dance   13.1    
Son of a Preacher Man|29.92| Dance Medium 29.92   Animazoo
sophisticat|28.5| Dance Medium 28.5   Sine Wave
sorcerer's dance - Abranimations         Abranimations
Soulja Boy (transfer) Dance Fast     Ministry Of Motion
Soulja Boy 1|13.94| Dance   13.94   Ministry Of Motion
Soulja Boy|22| Dance   22   Ministry Of Motion
South Beach Swing Dance Fast     ANOmations Mavericks Main Store

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