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Dance Details - SG-SK

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
SG-AA Animation       MAMESANDO Rings
shake and bake|29.2| Dance Fast 29.2   Sine Wave
shake it Dance Fast     Extreme Animations
Shake It Dance Dance Medium     Mihai Caldera (Avatar)
Shake My Soul|24.1| Dance   24.1    
shake that ass|20| Dance Fast 20 9.8 3FX Entertainment
shake the maracas|29.2| Dance   29.2   Sine Wave
shake with riddim|18| Dance Medium 18   Extreme Animations
shake_nasty_v4_F Dance Slow     Sexy Jesse's Sexy Motions Animat
shake_Standing_1 Dance Medium     Sine Wave
shake_Standing_10 Dance Medium     Sine Wave
shake_Standing_11 Dance Medium     Sine Wave
shake_Standing_12 Dance Medium     Sine Wave
shake_Standing_13 Dance Medium     Sine Wave
shake_Standing_2 Dance Medium     Sine Wave
shake_Standing_3 Dance Medium     Sine Wave
shake_Standing_4 Dance Medium     Sine Wave
shake_Standing_5 Dance Medium     Sine Wave
shake_Standing_6 Dance Medium     Sine Wave
shake_Standing_7 Dance Medium     Sine Wave
shake_Standing_8 Dance Medium     Sine Wave
shake_Standing_9 Dance Medium     Sine Wave
Shake_Ya_Booty_Female (mocap technology) Dance       Henmations
Shake_Ya_Booty_Male (mocap technology) Dance Medium     Henmations
shakedown|24.4| Dance Fast 24.4   Sine Wave
shaken and stirred|29.6| Dance Medium 29.6   Sine Wave
Shakira Belly Dance|24| Dance   24   Ministry Of Motion
shamo|17.1| Dance Medium 17.1   Sine Wave
shamo|18.5| Dance   18.5   Sine Wave
shamrock|20.8| Dance   20.8   Sine Wave
Sharp|24.33| Dance Medium 24.33   Animazoo
Sheer Spunk|26.1| Dance Fast 26.1   A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop
shephards delight|27| Dance Medium 27   Sine Wave
sherbert|17| Dance   17   Sine Wave
Sherbet Dip (transfer) Dance Fast     Ministry Of Motion
Sherbet Dip|22.9| Dance   22.9   Ministry Of Motion
Shimany|27.08| Dance Medium 27.08   Animazoo
Shimmy Kick - Abranimations         Abranimations
shine on me|19| Dance Fast 19   3FX Entertainment
shining star|24.85| Dance Medium 24.85   3FX Entertainment
Shiraz TIS|16.63| Dance   16.63 4.9 THERE IN SPIRIT ANIMATIONS
shmoove Dance Fast     Sine Wave
shock therapy|26.3| Dance   26.3   Sine Wave
Shoo Away Animation       Abranimations
short turn back forward Dance Medium     Abranimations
shot Animation       TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
shout Animation       Linden Internal
show girl|11.4| Dance   11.4   Sine Wave
show man copy Dance Medium     Sine Wave
ShowBack|4.1| Dance   4.1   Abranimations
shuffle exploid|22.4| Dance Fast 22.4   3FX Entertainment
shuffling|24.1| Dance Fast 24.1   3FX Entertainment
Shy Raver - Abranimations         Abranimations
Side Step - Abranimations|8| Dance   8   Abranimations
side step copy Dance Medium     Sine Wave
Side to side - Animazoo dance 56|27.9| Dance   27.9   Animazoo
Side Winder|26.67| Dance   26.67   Ministry Of Motion
Sideways Hug|29.83|     29.83   Ministry Of Motion
sidhu Dance Medium     Sine Wave
Sign of the Cross - Female v2|4| Animation   4   Basilica Cardinale Religious Attire & Church Supplies Store
silent/crouch walk Animation       TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
Singer Dance To Band 1 Dance Medium     Abranimations
single ladies Dance Medium     3FX Entertainment
Sirisdance loop Dance Medium     JUKKA WILKINSON (Avatar)
SIT 1 guitar sat v1 ret 128 spd inc 15 25 f M Animation       Bits and Bobs animations
SIT 2 guitar sat v1 ret 128 z hip 0189 Animation       Bits and Bobs animations
sit ground 1 Animation       Ferran Brodsky (Avatar)
sit knees up2 Animation       Remo Yossarian (Avatar)
Six Step Beginner|23.4| Dance   23.4   Ministry Of Motion
Sixties 3 (transfer) Dance Medium     Ministry Of Motion
Sixties 3|18.17| Dance   18.17   Ministry Of Motion
skyBORN_fly1|20| Dance   20   Dancequeen Freebee Pack
skyBORN_fly2|20| Dance   20   Dancequeen Freebee Pack
skyBORN_fly3|23| Dance   23   Dancequeen Freebee Pack
skydive parachute Animation       apotheus silverman (Avatar)
skydive standard Animation       apotheus silverman (Avatar)

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