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Dance Details - N-NZ

Dance Details (111019)

Details of SL dances (like this post) are found at Dance Details. Please send additions and corrections to Nottoo Wise.

Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
n_whands Animation       ::Nihil:
Napoleon Dynamite|30| Dance   30   Ministry Of Motion
nau_st1 Animation       Semotion Studio
nau_st3 Animation       Semotion Studio
nau_st5 Animation       Semotion Studio
naughty girl|29| Dance   29 7.1 Sine Wave
Need1-d|27.69| Dance   27.69   Gorean animations GOR-JUS animat
Need2-d|29.75| Dance   29.75   Gorean animations GOR-JUS animat
Need3-d|8.00| Dance   8   Gorean animations GOR-JUS animat
Need4-d|5.875| Dance   5.875   Gorean animations GOR-JUS animat
Need6-d|29.50| Dance   29.50   Gorean animations GOR-JUS animat
Need7-d|22.00| Dance   22   Gorean animations GOR-JUS animat
NeedPee Animation       m:ess Animations
never gonna stop|29.6| Dance Fast 29.6   Sine Wave
Never Heard Dance       AV Puli Animations by Pulaski Fi
New Rio Dance Dance       Mihai Caldera (Avatar)
NHC.Dance-01-0001|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-01-0002|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-01-0003|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-01-0004|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-01-0005|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-01-0006|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-01-0007|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-01-0008|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-01-0009|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-01-0010|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-02-0001|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-02-0002|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-02-0003|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-02-0004|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-02-0005|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-02-0006|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-02-0007|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-02-0008|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-02-0009|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-02-0010|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-03-0001|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-03-0002|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-03-0003|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-03-0004|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-03-0005|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-03-0006|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-03-0007|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-03-0008|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-03-0009|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-03-0010|30| Dance Medium 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-04-0001|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-04-0002|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-04-0003|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-04-0004|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-04-0005|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-04-0006|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-04-0007|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-04-0008|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-04-0009|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-04-0010|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-05-0001|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-05-0002|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-05-0003|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-05-0004|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-05-0005|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-05-0006|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-05-0007|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-05-0008|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-05-0009|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
NHC.Dance-05-0010|30| Dance Fast 30   NHC
Nice 'n Easy|23.08| Dance   23.08   Ministry Of Motion
Nice 'n Easy-2|24.33| Dance   24.33   Ministry Of Motion
Night Fever|28| Dance   28   Ministry Of Motion
nikita floor dance 1 - medium - no copy|29.0| Dance Slow 29   Raymation Designs
nikita floor dance 2 - medium - no copy|25.9| Dance Slow 25.9   Raymation Designs
nikita floor dance 3 - medium - no copy|27.5| Dance Slow 27.5   Raymation Designs
nikita floor dance 4 - medium - no copy|29.3| Dance Slow 29.3   Raymation Designs
nikita floor dance 5 - medium - no copy|24.5| Dance Slow 24.5   Raymation Designs
NINA2_Dance_AKEYO|25| Dance   25   AKEYO
NINA3_Dance_AKEYO|27| Dance   27   AKEYO
NINA4_Groove_AKEYO|27| Dance   27   AKEYO
ninjya-Crouching Animation       HAPPY DISPATCH
ninjya-Crouching(katana) Animation       HAPPY DISPATCH
ninjya-stand(katana)2 Animation       HAPPY DISPATCH
ninjya-stand(katana)3 Animation       HAPPY DISPATCH
ninjya-stand(katana)a Animation       HAPPY DISPATCH
ninjya-stand2 Animation       HAPPY DISPATCH
ninjya-stand3 Animation       HAPPY DISPATCH
ninjya-stand4 Animation       HAPPY DISPATCH
ninjya-stand-up Animation       HAPPY DISPATCH
nite club 1|2.05| Dance   2.05   TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
nite club2 Dance       TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
nite club3|2.0| Dance   2.0   TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS
no way|22| Dance Fast 22   Sine Wave
no way|24| Dance   24   Sine Wave
Nobody But U|23.93| Dance   23.93   Animazoo
Northern Soul 2|24.83| Dance   24.83   Ministry Of Motion
northern soul|13| Dance Medium 13   Sine Wave
Northern Soul|24.33| Dance   24.33   Ministry Of Motion
Not for You|28.92| Dance   28.92   Animazoo
now or never Dance       3FX Entertainment
now we know|29.6| Dance Slow 29.6   Sine Wave
Nutcracker Ballet 1 (transfer)|29.67| Dance Medium 29.67   Ministry Of Motion
Nutcracker Ballet 1|29.67| Dance   29.67   Ministry Of Motion
Nutcracker Ballet 3|29.08| Dance   29.08   Ministry Of Motion
nyanya Animation       TUTY'S** & MrS ANIMATIONS

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