Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dance Details - MY-MY-F

Dance Details (111019)

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Animation Type Speed Time Rating Source
My Saturday Night Homies (transfer) Dance       Ministry Of Motion
My Saturday Night Homies|30| Dance   30   Ministry Of Motion
My-BACHATA Dance-01|22.88| Dance   22.88   MyANIMATION
My-BACHATA Dance-02|23.94| Dance   23.94   MyANIMATION
My-BACHATA Dance-03|24.63| Dance   24.63   MyANIMATION
My-BACHATA Dance-04|22.88| Dance   22.88   MyANIMATION
My-BACHATA Dance-05|22.5| Dance   22.5   MyANIMATION
My-BACHATA Dance-06|23.44| Dance   23.44   MyANIMATION
My-BACHATA Dance-07|24.75| Dance   24.75   MyANIMATION
My-BACHATA Dance-08|24.06| Dance   24.06   MyANIMATION
My-BACHATA Dance-09|24.06| Dance   24.06   MyANIMATION
My-BACHATA Dance-10|22.38| Dance   22.38   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-01|21.88| Dance   21.88   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-02|20.00| Dance   20.00   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-03|22.06| Dance   22.06   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-04|21.71| Dance   21.71   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-05|20.94| Dance   20.94   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-06|22.53| Dance   22.53   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-07|24.13| Dance   24.13   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-08|21.24| Dance   21.24   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-09|20.06| Dance   20.06   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-10|22.12| Dance   22.12   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-11|21.22| Dance   21.22   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-12|22.35| Dance   22.35   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-13|20.17| Dance   20.17   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-14|20.65| Dance   20.65   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-15|17.22| Dance   17.22   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-16|21.71| Dance   21.71   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-17|21.94| Dance   21.94   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-18|22.94| Dance   22.94   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-19|23.31| Dance   23.31   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-20|29.6| Dance   29.6   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-21|26.23| Dance   26.23   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-22|22.07| Dance   22.07   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-23|23.29| Dance   23.29   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-24|25.43| Dance   25.43   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-25|23.79| Dance   23.79   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-26|25.79| Dance   25.79   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-27|25.79| Dance   25.79   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-28|25.64| Dance   25.64   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-29|26.01| Dance   26.01   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-30|22.71| Dance   22.71   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-31|26.50| Dance   26.50   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-32|26.50| Dance   26.50   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-33|26.36| Dance   26.36   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-34|24.21| Dance   24.21   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-35|25.07| Dance   25.07   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-36|25.14| Dance   25.14   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-37|26.86| Dance   26.86   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-38|24.57| Dance   24.57   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-39|25.79| Dance   25.79   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-40|24.86| Dance   24.86   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-41|21.28| Dance   21.28   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-42|24.29| Dance   24.29   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-43|23.36| Dance   23.36   MyANIMATION
My-BELLY Dance-44|24.57| Dance   24.57   MyANIMATION
My-CAN CAN-01|23.19| Dance   23.19   MyANIMATION
My-CAN CAN-02|24.38| Dance   24.38   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-01|19.55| Dance   19.55   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-02|16.85| Dance   16.85   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-03|19.15| Dance   19.15   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-04|16.15| Dance   16.15   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-05|19.63| Dance   19.63   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-06|17.11| Dance   17.11   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-07|16.32| Dance   16.32   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-08|21.39| Dance   21.39   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-09|19.63| Dance   19.63   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-10|20.42| Dance   20.42   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-11|22.47| Dance   22.47   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-12|23.69|
My-CHA CHA-13    24.33
Dance   23.69   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-13|24.33| Dance   24.33   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-14|25.67| Dance   25.67   MyANIMATION
My-CHA CHA-15|26.00| Dance   26.00   MyANIMATION
My-CLUB Dance-01|21.19| Dance   21.19   MyANIMATION
My-CLUB Dance-02|15.96| Dance   15.96   MyANIMATION
My-CLUB Dance-03|18.09| Dance   18.09   MyANIMATION
My-CLUB Dance-04|16.92| Dance   16.92   MyANIMATION
My-CLUB Dance-05|15.25| Dance   15.25   MyANIMATION
My-CLUB Dance-06|15.24| Dance   15.24   MyANIMATION
My-CLUB Dance-07|19.25| Dance   19.25   MyANIMATION
My-COUNTRY Dance-01|23.56| Dance   23.56   MyANIMATION
My-COUNTRY Dance-02|23.38| Dance   23.38   MyANIMATION
My-COUNTRY Dance-03|23.25| Dance   23.25   MyANIMATION
My-COUNTRY Dance-04|23.44| Dance Medium 23.44   MyANIMATION
My-COUNTRY Dance-05|23.94| Dance   23.94   MyANIMATION
My-COUNTRY Dance-06|21.81| Dance   21.81   MyANIMATION
My-COUNTRY Dance-07|22.75| Dance   22.75   MyANIMATION
My-DANCE-01|21.44| Dance   21.44   MyANIMATION
My-DANCE-02|22.12| Dance   22.12   MyANIMATION
My-DANCE-03|22.00| Dance   22.00   MyANIMATION
My-DANCE-04|21.47| Dance   21.47   MyANIMATION
My-DANCE-05|22.12| Dance   22.12   MyANIMATION
My-DANCE-06|23.35| Dance   23.35   MyANIMATION
My-DANCE-07|22.88| Dance   22.88   MyANIMATION
My-DANCE-08|21.71| Dance   21.71   MyANIMATION
My-DANCE-09|20.39| Dance   20.39   MyANIMATION
My-DANCE-10|23.24| Dance   23.24   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-01|22.63| Dance   22.63   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-02|23.49| Dance   23.49   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-03|23.50| Dance   23.50   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-04|23.38| Dance   23.38   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-05|24.00| Dance   24.00   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-06|23.94| Dance   23.94   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-07|23.31| Dance   23.31   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-08|24.19| Dance   24.19   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-09|24.06| Dance   24.06   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-10|24.38| Dance   24.38   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-11|23.63| Dance   23.63   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-12|23.69| Dance   23.69   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-13|23.25| Dance   23.25   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-14|23.19| Dance   23.19   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-15|23.56| Dance   23.56   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-16|24.00| Dance   24.00   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-17|24.50| Dance   24.50   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-18|23.31| Dance   23.31   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-19|23.75| Dance   23.75   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-20|23.69| Dance   23.69   MyANIMATION
My-DISCO Dance-21|24.06| Dance   24.06   MyANIMATION
My-FREESTYLE Dance_09 Dance       MyANIMATION
My-FREESTYLE Dance_10 Dance       MyANIMATION
My-FREESTYLE Dance_11 Dance       MyANIMATION
My-FREESTYLE Dance_12 Dance       MyANIMATION

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